Friday, January 7, 2011

Year end review at the beginning

O.k. so I'm a little behind on this idea but I wanted to talk about the year 2010. I was going to do it on New Year's eve but I worked until 6pm, then had dinner and then went to watch movies, and then was entertained by a roommate that had a bit much to drink, something that doesn't happen a lot and was highly entertaining. lol. Excuses excuses. lol.

So looking back I realize I started last year dealing with my mother being rushed to the E.R. for chest pains and the tough decisions involved with situations like that in the future. It was a rough start to the year being faced with the mortality of my dear mother. Turns out she was just fine and got a clean bill of health, but it was a tough start regardless. I also spent some time with Leigh Ann in Michigan watching bad movies with some really hot actors and commented a bit on them. lol.

Around that same time I was busy working with a potential buyer to finally buy my business. By this time it was already a part time thing with full time bills. It was a tough time with some excitement wrapped in stress in it. It was a crazy time and to be honest at this point I have a hard time remembering that time in my life. If I really think about it and read back on my posts I can put myself back into that mind frame and the turmoil and stress that was built in to each post. I keep talking to the scream telling myself that it's going to work out better than I could imagine in the end. I also declared my love for Queen Latiffa, a love that still holds strong. lol.

I spent some time in a very bad place. I started to imagine a new life without the business and was overwhelmed with the idea of life without it. There were some pretty dark posts but it was also the time of my first vacation that I spent here in Cinci working on the place with my future roommie. I remember how far it felt, how long I had been wishing for it and just how far away it seemed yet at that point. I hate thinking back to that time, I remember the thoughts and how hard it was. I also posted some lovely high school poems, oh what a time. lol.

Oh looking back at the month of April I am reminded to my birthday celebration where we went to see the strippers. lol. What an interesting night out. I was also dealing quite a bit with the appraisal of the building and the stress that went along with that. The month of April seemed to have been a rough time, for some reason my birthday wasn't the easiest to deal with last year. I fought with myself quite a bit last year. I told some stories, started to deal with my boy craziness. I really had a hard time towards the end of month being paralyzed in fear from the most basic thoughts.

Shortly there after I started reflecting on the store and it's past and my time with it and the good things, the good moments I had at that place with people I loved. I had some very good times, one of which was my amazing trip to Cleveland, oh what a time I had. I hope to repeat the trip soon, I know it will be just as amazing. There was a lot of good, a lot of realizing that happened and eye opening experiences and insight into my future and how great it could be. It was also the time I decided to create this blog that was all my blogs combined into one. It has been good ever since, but what a time that was.

Around this time I was finally able to close my business and turn it over. The sale was not complete but we made our own deal and it was nice to not have the business anymore. I was busy packing and dealing with the business operating right next to me, without me for the first time in five years. I also dealt with a return trip to Michigan to pay my respects to a dear sweet woman that passed away, a friend of mine, for no matter how brief a time. I still think of you Patty.

Then finally, there was the move. After all the preping, all the packing, all the planning, I finally moved to Cinci to begin a new life. It was glorious and still is. I often can't imagine how long I've already lived here because it doesn't seem like that long ago. There was a few last nights out with friends and the final pack. I can remember it like yesterday, the feeling of packing up the trailor, the feeling of leaving that house with just a few things left in the house. The feeling of leaving and finally being free.

During the time after it was all about unpacking, adjusting, oh and that whole job search, oh what a joy that was. I remember the first week being unemployed freaking out, and honestly thinking back to that time I still freak out a little. IT was an adjustment while I was living here at the beginning and also carrying the store and running back and forth awaiting closing. I think it was the longest month of my life, but I survived. I started at Office Max and enjoyed the job, the pay was minimal but the people and the place was enjoyable and I could pay the bills.

It was also that time I was fighting between continuing on the interview path with Speedway and moving forward with my job at the bank and I think I ultimately took the better of the two. I find it so funny that while some of my thoughts changed when I moved down here I really don't notice that big of a change until after we closed on the store deal.

The following months were much of the same, had a great dinner with the boys and local friends, got my new job and the wonders of starting over. The people I've met are amazing and I wish I had more time to spend with them but at a call center there isn't much interaction with your coworkers, you take breaks at different times and even work slightly different work schedule's. Oh well, it's an adjustment I guess, one I'm learning to deal with.

Overall, I was talking to Bethany about it tonight, the year end recap could be easily broken down into this:
I started the year trying to make some changes, I was unhappy and miserable. I did some stuff, months went on, I moved and was followed by happiness.

Why didn't I just type that into the beginning? Seriously?
Oh well.


  1. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to see you (albeit, virtually) without the stress from the store... and HAPPY? You are truly inspiring with your determination and drive. Here's to an awesome 2011!

  2. ...because you know that I need more than two sentences?

    Crazy year, dear Pete, but I think you wrapped it up with pizazz!