Sunday, December 24, 2006

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Merry Christmas
Well this is our second christmas. The sales are way up from last year so we have seen some wonderful growth. We've seen really hard times and we've seen some good times. Overall we are just glad to have seen times. We have completed our first year, it was rough but we have now seen what over half of new businesses haven't seen, a full year of sales. While the sales are not where they need to be yet, they are there enough to get us through, that's enough right now.

We are still working on the deal for the used childrens clothing store in the old beauty shop area and are now discussing a new operation for the back of the store. I have been approached by a group of people that would like to open a butcher shop in the rear of the store. They have the people and the money and the ideas, so we will be working together after the first of the year to see if we can work out a deal. We are very excited about this opportunity and hope this is what this busisness has been waiting for. It's an exciting project and we can't wait to see how it progresses.

Most of all we are happy with all the support we have recieved and just wanted to take a moment before we close down for the holidays to wish everyone who visits this space a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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new slide show
You know, as I loaded the pictures for the slide show I realized that I have some outdated pictures already! Some I never took completed shots of, and others I don't have the same angles, so you lose some of the effect.

We are closing in on our first complete year. It was November 1rst. of last year when we first moved in and began our demolision phase, November 4th. was a year that I signed my life away to the bank, and on December 1rst. we will be celebrating our first full year in business. I look at the before pictures of the store and think, how in the heck did I think I was going to do this? Now that the building is starting to look better I wonder how I'm going to continue to build the business. But many ideas are starting to form.

This holiday season we will begin doing gift baskets. We will have ordinary gift baskets, but we will be getting creative as well! It's going to be very exciting and should go over quite well. Also during the month of December we will be launching our new lunch menu. This will include some new cold sandwiches as well as a new hot lunch menu. The food will be delicious!

There is some talk about a used childrens clothing store moving into the old beauty shop, I'm not getting my hopes up, but added foot traffic would be appreciated! The consignment store has bitten the dust. The store has not done very well so we are liquidating everything we can to clear out the space once again. Once the space is empty I will be moving my stained glass studio into half of the space and the other half will be divided into hardware and storage. The stained glass studio is something I've always wanted and I believe will generate some income and be something you can't get anywhere else! Lets hope my talent is up for the challenge.

Other than that we are still plugging away at our projects. The garage is closer every day to being complete, it is now a sound structure and weather tight. It's a good change, next the electrical will need to be done. The next big project will be the new coffee area/deli storage. Then the biggest change, the new cash counter area. These are some very big changes we have in store so watch for pictures, or better yet, STOP IN!!!!! ; ) We could use the boost in business.

Well that's all for now, here's looking towards a profitable and happy and safe holiday season!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

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so many changes
Well prettles month is half over, still awaiting the announcement of the new Prettles pizza. Taste testing is not going so well, but the people that are taste testing are buying them too! So it's a good thing, it's prettles revolution!!!

Or is the "dawn of prettles?" guess only time will tell!

The reorganization of the grocery department is nearly complete, just a few more things to do and then we have to come up with the money for all the new stock! It's not as easy as it sounds. If only there was money for a new floor.

Many people don't know there is a small garage attatched to the rear of the building. It used to house the old produce cooler and it was in awful shape when we moved here. A wind storm ripped a couple of roof panels off and the insurance money was enough to rebuild a nicer, smaller garage.

The original garage was a part of the Napoleon Grainery when it was operating many many moons ago. It was built so heavy duty it had to be cut into sections and reassembled on site. Well years have worn on it and it no longer stands. In it's place is a brand new garage that is half the size but is in MUCH better condition. I love it. Next year when we side it, it will fit with the building so much better than the other one. We are still cleaning up while the new roof is getting installed, right now it looks like the Beverly Hillbillies live here, but it will be cleaned up and all taken care of to be beautiful!!

The rest of the outside work is going to have to wait until spring. We won't be able to get to everything like we thought we would, but too many projects and not enough good weather. Is it too late to hope for another indian summer? Yeah, I thought so too.

So anyway, come on in, check us out and give us some suggestions of what you would like to see here!!! We are here to make life better for you!


Monday, October 2, 2006

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October is the month
Yes, October is prettles awareness month. We are taking a month to introduce prettles to a generation that has never had them, and some have never even heard of them!

During the month of October here is what you can expect:
-Try prettles for free every monday.
Come in and sample what we keep talking about. Sandwiches are available for .99 cents as well. Try it with your favorite toppings, or ask for advice on which toppings are best!

-Prettles on sale for $2.45/lb That's marked down from the normal $2.89/lb for the month of awareness only.

-watch for the newest prettles product: PRETTLES PIZZA!!!
That's right, this month Hawk's Pizza in Napoleon is launching a new prettles pizza featuring prettles by Mohring's. This delicious pizza starts off with thier delicious crust topped with Hawk's own sweetened bar-b-que sauce with prettles and topped with cheese. Details on when it will be launched this month are still being worked out. But give it a try!!!

There will be other things happening within the store as I think of them. Have questions? Come on in and ask! While we can't figure out the exact origin of prettles, we will answer what we can about them!

So come on in and give them a try, you never know, you might just like them!!! ; )


Sunday, September 24, 2006

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There seems to be some confusion. I am a building. I did not have to go to school, I did not learn how to spell. You're all lucky I learned how to type!! It's not easy with all these corners, and posts, and floor joists, and roof rafters, and furniture and..... yeah, you get the idea.

So just so you know, if I spell something wrong, or don't use "proper grammer" (yes buildings can do the quotes things too) get over it. I"M A BUILDING!!!!!
; )

peace out.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

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Potato Salad for Diplomats!
I'm not sure if he qualifies as a diplomat, but tomorrow afternoon my famous potato salad will be served to the "mayor" of Toledo Spain. Toledo Ohio is celebrating it's 53rd. year of sister city relationship with Toledo Spain and they are having the mayor over for a "Western Bar-B-Que" and they are serving my potato salad. They heard it was the best and have purchased 10 pounds for the affair. The woman is supposed to be emailing me pictures of him enjoying it. It's a very exciting time here!!

The store would also like to send it's prayers to Elwood. Elwood had a heart attack last night and is recoporating in a hospital in Toledo. He's o.k. and they said it was a pretty minor one, but we are still praying for him over here anyway!

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

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We're still here!
Well here we still are. February is coming to an end, and we're still here. It's been a really tight couple of months, but we have seen some really great growth this month. It's getting a little easier to get through the months, especially with all the big bills of February and January. I have no idea how I have survived, but here I am!

Lunches are really starting to take off. Selling out has become more and more common, I guess I'll have to start preparing more stuff for lunch. I still wonder how I learned how to do all of this. It must have been those hours and hours of Food Network watching I've done in the past. And how ironic, it's now that I can't afford cable! ; ) Oh well, such is life.

Projects are coming to a close one by one. The new coffee station is a mere two pieces of trim from being complete and the new wine and gift display should be done in a week or so. The garage was insulated and we have new ideas for new spaces. It can be very exciting in here at times when thinking of new projects. We have some great ideas about the athletic wear department, that room won't even look the same when we're done with it all. The new cash counter is getting closer to becoming reality. Once the rest of the projects are complete, we can begin phasing in the new cash counter. That will be the biggest change of them all.

We are still working on the Meat market. In case it wasn't stated before, we have been approached by a few people who wish to open a meat market in the back of the store, or inside the main store, we're not sure which yet. But we are waiting on the butcher to come in and start talking about the set up. Suddenly the butcher is starting to drag his feet. It's starting to upset me, the meat market has such great potential, it could be just what this business needs. We are also working towards a new renter for the old beauty shop. It doesn't seem that the used children's clothing store is ever going to happen, so we're moving on. We're going to finish up cleaning that space when the weather breaks, it's just to cold to be going between the spaces right now. I may have a renter, but I'm not sure yet, to early to speculate too much.

We just started our fill a bag for $2 sale in the consignment store, I'm tired of seeing all that stuff back there, and let me tell you, a sale like this is really getting it cleared out!! I can't wait until it's empty. Then we can close it down until we find out what's happening to the meat market. There is a possibility it will be completely seperated from the store and rented out as well, but that's not a definate yet. You put 60% off on this merchandise and people still hmm and haw over it, but tell them to fill a bag and they come flocking in like crazy!!!

So anyway, that's where we are now. Once the weather breaks it's back to working outside again. I can't wait!!!!!
Well until we meet again!