Monday, October 2, 2006

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October is the month
Yes, October is prettles awareness month. We are taking a month to introduce prettles to a generation that has never had them, and some have never even heard of them!

During the month of October here is what you can expect:
-Try prettles for free every monday.
Come in and sample what we keep talking about. Sandwiches are available for .99 cents as well. Try it with your favorite toppings, or ask for advice on which toppings are best!

-Prettles on sale for $2.45/lb That's marked down from the normal $2.89/lb for the month of awareness only.

-watch for the newest prettles product: PRETTLES PIZZA!!!
That's right, this month Hawk's Pizza in Napoleon is launching a new prettles pizza featuring prettles by Mohring's. This delicious pizza starts off with thier delicious crust topped with Hawk's own sweetened bar-b-que sauce with prettles and topped with cheese. Details on when it will be launched this month are still being worked out. But give it a try!!!

There will be other things happening within the store as I think of them. Have questions? Come on in and ask! While we can't figure out the exact origin of prettles, we will answer what we can about them!

So come on in and give them a try, you never know, you might just like them!!! ; )


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