Saturday, May 21, 2011

Norm update

I know I owe some posts, just been flaking when it comes to writing them. Just thought I would update on my friend Norm. They warmed him up, figured out what was wrong and he is back at the rehabilitation place to work on his lower body strength to get him walking again. He's active, he's alert and getting back to the old Norm we all love so much.

I'm very thankful, I just could not have handled him leaving us yet, much of it is selfish, but the rest of it is I'm just not sure what Ron would do without him. 28 years is a long time together. I love them both so much I was just not ready for that.

Thank you for the prayers, he's continuing a steady recovery and I'm hoping to get to see him next time I'm up that way.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I sometimes find the hardest thing in life to do is admit a mistake and try and recover from it. Over the last few months I got a little crazy shopping thinking I had disposable income, which at the time I did, not realizing my car was about to explode. Then it did, and suddenly I freaked out. Ever since the store I panic about money, I didn't have two nickles to rub together for nearly 5 years and I swore I wouldn't get to that point again and so when I look at my checking account I have a minimum number in my head I like to see and in my head that number means 0. Now, at my first peak of financial success that was a 4 digit number and sometimes my mind still goes back to that and it makes looking at my check book very difficult.

Well long story short the other day I got a letter from a collection agency that threw my head spinning. Turns out it wasn't to that point yet and I just sat down and got everything caught up. It feels good but at the same time I feel so stupid, it's not that I wasn't making the money it's just I wasn't letting myself spend it on the things that needed to be paid first. They are all ridiculous amounts compared to what they used to be, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to pay them, I was afraid of my checking account falling below my minimum line, well the truth is, I've come to realize I need to adjust that amount in my head because I make enough to pay my bills but I need to lower that amount in my head for awhile until I can build it back up.

The harsh realization in my head is that while I finally have some good clothes, a great car, a great place to live, food in the cupboards (well sort of at the moment lol) these things cost money and it requires me paying bills. I just got a little laxed in that department, but it's time to tighten the belt on my spending and get a grip on reality, I mean it's only been what, 9 freaking months! lol.

I feel better now that everything is caught up, I'm making myself a promise to come up with a better system to handle these issues at the very beginning before they become issues. I thought I had this whole adult thing figured out, guess I still have some learning to do.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

need some prayers

Not for me, but for my friend Norm and his partner Ron. Norm is my boxed wine buddy from back home that I've written about. He has had some very serious health issues over the last few months and is currently in ICU. He's already proving the doctors wrong and is stabalizing much to their disbelief, but that's how Norm rolls. I'm sure he could use all the help he can get so I figured the prayer department would be a great place to start.

Ron said he's comfortable and seems to be coming around more and more. They are unsure of what the future is going to bring at this point, but are getting more hopeful. I'm scared and comforted all at the same time.

Thanks in advance.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Good things

April 1: Got my tax refund!!! Closer to a new car!

April 2: Was sick but managed to have a good time shopping with the roomies family.

April 3: Uninstalled my first dishwasher! I feel proud.

April 4: Happy Anniversary to my parents! 41 years! Also had a great dinner with the house guests.....I'm not sure why the Thong song is stuck in my head though.....hmmmm...

April 5: Installed my first dishwasher and it works!!!!

April 6: Sold my P.O.S. today, and the best part is I don't even have to tow it anywhere!

April 7: Some nights I have so much fun at work it's hard to believe I call it work.

April 8: I BOUGHT A NEW VEHICLE TODAY!!!!! I love it, love it, love it!!

April 9: Got to spend the whole day with my family attending a concert in Ky.

April 10: The house is quiet again and the weather was so gorgeous!

April 11: I'll be honest, I fell behind and don't even remember what happened this day. Sorry.

April 12:I'll be honest, I fell behind and don't even remember what happened this day. Sorry.

April 13:I'll be honest, I fell behind and don't even remember what happened this day. Sorry.

April 14:I'll be honest, I fell behind and don't even remember what happened this day. Sorry.
(it's a recurring theme for this week)

April 15: Had some really incredible sleep today, a bit too long for a Friday but it worked out in the end.

April 16: Spent the day working on my basement and finally got at least 1/2 of it presentable! Oh and I bought a new t.v. today for my bedroom. :)

April 17: Went kitchen cabinet shopping, kind of a stressful thing for the roommie, but I love this sort of thing, the work on the other hand, well that's another story. lol.

April 18: Yup, you guessed it, I live a boring life. lol. Either that or have some really bad short term memory problems.

April 19: ditto above.

April 20: Dinner with the roommate and some t.v. Life feels normal again.

April 21: Got some new underwear today, I know at least one of you would realize how good of a thing that is. :)

April 22: Good church service tonight and good times doing some yard work with the awesome roommate!

April 23: Old fashion Easter dinner with the Cinci fam tonight and got to catch up with some friends from college, what a great day!

April 24: Easter dinner with roommate, had a great time!

April 25: Got my birthday present early from the roommate, Season 1 of Modern Family!!

April 26: Had a great birthday dinner with my friends (aka my cinci family) love them all, Thanks to the roommate for everything!!

April 27: Had a food night at work, they've known me for a month and already threw me a party, I'm pretty rockin you know.

April 28: realizing I am finally running out of room for clothes and I still have more I would like to get, could it finally be? A full wardrobe? Ah, it's great.

April 29: Finally broke down and gayed up my/roommates Ipod. Now I can be jammin. lol.

April 30:Had a great bbq tonight, laughed so hard I could barely breath. Oh just what the doctor ordered.