Sunday, September 24, 2006

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There seems to be some confusion. I am a building. I did not have to go to school, I did not learn how to spell. You're all lucky I learned how to type!! It's not easy with all these corners, and posts, and floor joists, and roof rafters, and furniture and..... yeah, you get the idea.

So just so you know, if I spell something wrong, or don't use "proper grammer" (yes buildings can do the quotes things too) get over it. I"M A BUILDING!!!!!
; )

peace out.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Myspace blog

Potato Salad for Diplomats!
I'm not sure if he qualifies as a diplomat, but tomorrow afternoon my famous potato salad will be served to the "mayor" of Toledo Spain. Toledo Ohio is celebrating it's 53rd. year of sister city relationship with Toledo Spain and they are having the mayor over for a "Western Bar-B-Que" and they are serving my potato salad. They heard it was the best and have purchased 10 pounds for the affair. The woman is supposed to be emailing me pictures of him enjoying it. It's a very exciting time here!!

The store would also like to send it's prayers to Elwood. Elwood had a heart attack last night and is recoporating in a hospital in Toledo. He's o.k. and they said it was a pretty minor one, but we are still praying for him over here anyway!

Have a great day!