Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lots of stuff

You may have to pardon my randomness in this blog as it has been building in me over the last few days, so much to say and I had so little time. Since business is painfully slow today I'm going to be productive, or anti productive with my time (depending on how you look at it) and finally write as much as I can remember. So here we go....

O.K. so christmas eve was a good day at the store, better than I was expecting but nothing to do cartwheels over, but I was happy. I had started to stress throughout the day about getting my shopping done. I had simplified the list so I knew Wal-Mart would have what I wanted, I knew where to find it and was pumped and ready to fight the crowd. Six o'clock rolled around and I was off, I drove straight to Wal-Mart to do my late single busy man christmas shopping, and what do I find when I arrive? The store is closed. They too closed at 6 o'clock for the holidays. WTF? Where does a single man do his christmas shopping on Christmas Eve if even Wal-Mart is closed?

So I sat in the parking lot doing alot of swearing and regretting not doing it at 1am the night before like I should have and thinking where else could I get to and back in an hour before I had to go to mom and dad's.... hmmm....So I thought I would try the next big town over, about twenty minutes, they were bigger and had better stores. So I drive the twenty minutes and make it to K-mart. YES! They are open until midnight!!! Woot! Christmas has been saved!!! I find my parking space amongst the nearly 1000 cars it felt like and ran inside. Marathon shopping was on my mind. I race to the electronics and wham! nothing I need, nothing I could even attempt to pass off as thoughtful. Damn. Next item.....nothing....Final item.....nothing. WTF??? I was getting pissy. So I race around trying to find something thoughtful, found somethings, but wrong size, found some other things wrong colors, etc... I was now really mad. I was hungry, I was cold, I was in a rush.

So in defeat I drove to mom and dad's and told the story about the christmas of print outs that was going to be. They tried to make me feel better but I only got more and more bitter about my work schedule as time went on. I ran home to get ready for church, trying to let it go so I could enjoy the service I most look forward to in the year. The candlelight service at 11pm. There is just something so magical about it. I was a little fearful as I have been having religion anxiety as of late for reasons I can't even begin to get into right now, so I was hoping this night would be different. I was still hungry and really tired. But I made it to church, ended up helping to usher (my first time) and truely enjoyed the service, it was just as magical as it ever was. I felt the spirit of christmas, the shopping troubles melted away and I was drawn into the whole scene. The special music, all the people from out of town, I loved it all. That night I went home and was up until 3 am wrapping gifts, printing out pictures and such and then finally passed out after a good ole jack and coke. Yumm!

The next morning I woke up late, rushed to get ready and went back to church for Christmas Day service. Felt really good, I was awake and felt alive. Christmas later with the family was a great day. I got a bit cranky trying to set up my dad's new laptop, but I soon got over it and was nearly drifting off to a good christmas nap when we got the call my cousin's were in town from Indy. So we run over to grandma's and spend a wonderful time with my cousins.

I have many, many, many cousins who I love dearly, but there are two in particular. The three of us grew up together. Me, Jason and Andy (in age order) We are all within a year of eachother age wise so at every family gathering we were together. Well the ones that Jason was at as he was living in Jersey. But regardless we were always together. So we are standing together in the kitchen talking and someone takes note that it has been years since the three of us have been together at the same time at the same place, so they decide to photograph the moment. Nice way to ruin a conversation. ; ) So anyway, there I stand, the oldest of the three. Andy standing next to his wife and new baby, and Jason on the other side of me with his new wife.

Here I am, feeling more alone and more pitiful by the moment. Feeling more single than I ever have in my entire life. It just crushed my night. So in true myself fashion I made the joke, "O.k. everyone laugh at the fat single guy in the middle" which was followed by the pitiful "Awww...." Yeah, not quite the laugh I was hoping for. Now my jokes are even pittiful. But it was around then I realized I had to leave to get to job #3 and clean. So I took my leave feeling sad and depressed, but so happy we all got to see eachother, I just tried to take comfort in that.

I get to the Legion and the party is still going on so I go home and moved some furniture (don't ask me where the motivation came from) and set up my new toys, my new DVD player and home theater system (don't get too excited, I only wanted the very small inexpensive one) but took my aggresions out on cleaning and organizing. I felt good and went to clean, got home and in bed around 2 am. yeah, seriously? Can my schedule get any worse? I'm feeling tired just looking at that number!

Since then it's been same old same old. Store, work, work. yeah, it's a blast. Yesterday I was feeling nostalgic about college life after talking to Judith about some good times I had and sent an email to my friend L who I hadn't talked to in nearly a year. It was short and funny just to let her know I was thinking about her. Then Tony calls and says he's going to be around this weekend and wanted to know if I was up for a visit! I was hel# yeah foshizle! So Saturday my old roommate from college will be visiting, which is very exciting. I haven't talked to him much in the last year as our schedules (mine) is not very condusive to long telephone conversations to catch up on what we've been doing. I can't wait.

So today my friend Faith shows up and I got to catch up with her some while she was here, it wsa prettles day so time is kind of tight. But we had a good visit. I kept thinking how great it was to see people from forever ago and catch up. Well I'm sitting down at my desk (did I mention how bad business has been today?) and my phone rings. Turns out it is L from Michigan! She got my message and decided it was time to visit me! She's not busy until the 12th. so she had time to finally come down and see me. Woot!! So I've been reliving all these wonderful memories and I can't wait to see her!! This christmas has been good for catching up with old friends. I'm strarting to miss the rest of my friends as well! Damn work schedule.

So phew! There we go, that's the minute to minute update. Now some things rattling around in my brain:
In many conversations of recent with Judith I have been thinking more and more. About what you may ask? I'm not sure. Yeah, it's one of those. We have been discussing helping others, how some feel they are called to help more needy people than others are. We discussed the cynicalness of people when seeing a needy person on the street and the state of affairs we are all in, so I just start thinking, am I helping enough? Am I pushing myself to help more people? Am I helping anyone at all? Or am I so wrapped up in my selfish life that I don't make time to help others. I was very confused, but throughout the conversations I've been realizing my purpose of helping others is to listen. God has created in me a great listener. I've heard it all, and someday I'm going to write a book. Watch out!! I feel I'm here to be an ear, to be a shoulder and let people vent or just talk out loud to sort things out. I'm not one for great advice, anyone who knows me will tell you that.

But I listen like a champ. I ask good questions and help people without even knowing it (or maybe I do know it...hmmm.....) But maybe that's what I'm supposed to be doing. Maybe I am a comforting soul to open up to. Many people open up to me without ever realizing what they are saying until they are done. I should have been a psyciatrist, I'd be making a TON more money and be able to help people financially as well. ; )

So anyway, there have been alot of thoughts running through my head, people, things, situations, it's been crazy. There hasn't been a dull moment in awhile, but honestly I'm ready for a bit of a dull moment. Not alot, just a small one to get my head to turn off for awhile. I'm sure I have forgotten some things I wanted to say, but for now that will be all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Secret this week


I do feel like I have a home, but sometimes I don't think I belong here, like I'm on the outside looking in.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Add another to the list

So I told my friend G. this weekend that I was gay. I had planned on telling her but was convincing myself throughout the night that I didn't really need to, it wouldn't make a difference, so why put that into a night of fun and laughter and sharring we had. And then this conversation came about:

"So now that I have told you all my secrets from my past, the dark stuff I don't tell alot of people, what is your deepest secret?"

I just started shaking and my heart was racing and I asked if she really wanted to know, and of course she did want to know, so I told her.

"Remember the online dating situation I was blogging about a month or two ago? Well his name was Michael. I'm gay."

She had this look of shock on her face, not disgusted or hate, just shocked. We talked about it for quite awhile, and it's not as if it changed her views on me at all, but it made more sense. G hates men for many reasons, she wants to be close to them but she runs from them because of her past but she has always felt open and always shared with me and she couldn't understand what made me so different, and at that moment she figured it out. I wasn't a threat of any kind.
I have some of the most amazing friends on this planet, I'm just so sad it's taken me 30 years to find them and surround myself with them. Life is good and G is freakin awesome.

What a weekend!!!!

So yes, moving from online friendship to real life friendship is so easy, I have no idea why I was worried. I don't know why it makes me nervous, if I feel open enough with these people to tell them the things I tell them online, it will be the same in person. It always goes so well. When I met B, we were instantly in each other's heads and the same is with G. I had such an awesome time. B and G both I swear share my brain, no kidding, we can all finish each others thoughts, and sometimes don't have to say a thing because we know what the other is thinking. It's fantastic.

G came over Saturday around 7pm. I had thought we would watch a movie or two and catch up on old times and I figured probably crash around 1 or 2, I was wrong. We talked non stop until about 6:45am Sunday morning. The only time we stopped talking was if one of us was using the bathroom or we were mixing drinks (nearly an entire bottle of JD). We caught up on old times and had some seriously fantastic conversations about everything and anything. It was so freaking awesome to have that much conversation that didn't involve the store or Nappy town. I loved it. We both got so tired at different points, but I didn't want to end the evening, so one of us would bring up a refreshing topic and we'd keep going. One of these nights B and I are going to have a night like that too, we just never have the proper timing to be able to have the time to have a night like that. But it will happen. ; )

One bad thing that came out of the evening was how utterly exhuasted we were the next morning. She left for church (late) and I was sooo tired for my family christmas. We rented the hall that I clean to hold it, so I went early and cleaned from the night before and helped set everything up. Then as more and more people showed up I retreated to the kitchen. Of course, fat man standing in the kitchen, people just assume I'm eating. I wasn't. I was retreating from the overwhelming anxiety I was having.

As I grow older I have more and more anxiety in crowds. It's a nervous condition that seems to be handed down every few generations from my mom's side of the family. I get really tense in crowds, and feel like my mind is spinning and I can't concentrate, I just get jittery until I get out of them. Having only a few hours of sleep that night only compounded it, as well as the mass amounts of business I have had in the last few days dealing with a ton of customers who were not all very pleasent. So I hid in the kitchen, and it seemed eventually one by one they all made their way back to visit with me.

By the time we served dinner I was feeling better and rejoined the group to eat and then I started falling asleep at the table, so I had to get up and walk around outside in the FREEZING windy weather. It woke me up so I could rejoin everyone for the gift portion of the night.

My mom's side of the family is very large. Three boys, three girls, and one "step" sister. We never consider the word "step" in our family, you're either family or not. So anyway, each of my mom's brothers and sisters each of three children and then four of those have children now. And we all still have christmas together so lets see.... that's roughly fourty people of people we all know very well and love. This year we all opted out of our normal drawing names and exchanging gifts practice and spent that money on 2 things. We sent a care package filled with goodies and much needed items to a local soldier in Iraq and the money left from the package is the foundation of our family team for Relay for Life. We are going to have a family team in the next relay to support my aunt that has just finished Chemo.

We've already got a camper lined up for the event and starting to discuss who's walking when and other items we can sell to raise more money. I'm going to be selling a couple of roasters worth of prettles that night for a free will donation, and this one is the best. I'm going to put a jar up in the store, and if my customers can raise $1,000 (I think I might raise it a bit higher) I am going to let my family shave my head for Relay. My aunt is just now starting to grow her hair back and we've all talk about shaving ours in support but never got around to it. But I figured if I can raise the money for her then I'll shave my head for her just to do it. I think it will be fun.

Now I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about my feelings towards Relay for Life or not. Until recently I have had no use for the program, I have this belief that no matter what we discover there will never be a cure for cancer. Why you ask? Because it's all about money. The kind of money the health care industry makes because of this illness is so astronomical that there is no way they would want to give that up. They say they do, but they don't. I just see the FDA putting a stop to anything people come up with for a cure. But what I've realised in the last year since my aunt got sick is that it creates hope. Without hope and dreams the human race is just mindless. So I have gotten behind the cause and will do my best to raise a crap load of money for the organization because I saw how much it means to my aunt, how this group of people rallies behind these survivors and the family of the lost to provide hope, to fight the fight and at least try. How can I turn my back on that? Had it not been for the hopes and dreams of the people before us my aunt never would have survived the 5# tumor, she wouldn't be here and would have passed even before my uncle passed this summer.

So starting soon I hope people will stop by and help me raise money, I'm going to walk late at night and will probably be raising pledges for that as well, so you'll hear from me again, but if you don't want to, just help me raise the thousand dollars and shave my head. It would great fun!! I may even close the store early that Friday and open late on Saturday so I can be there even more. I'm looking forward to seeing my aunt walk the first lap as a survivor.

So anyway, that's pretty much it. I still have shopping to do for christmas tomorrow with the family and for a couple of other people, if the wallet holds out that long. Tomorrow is christmas with the fam. I love it. Tonight is my mom, dad, sister and I to open our stockings. Then tomorrow my brother and sister-in-law join us for dinner and our family gifts. Starting tonight is my favorite part of christmas. We start tonight with a candlelight service at church singing christmas hymns with a series of 12 shorter sermons and the christmas story in between. I love it.

So anyway, to all of you in cyber land......MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Saturday

Well here it is another Saturday, was slammed this morning, but it has since slowed down. Every christmas season is different from the last. I think yesterday was my big money maker, so I'll take solace in that. ; )

My long lost friend from out of town is visiting tonight. I'm so excited and yet so nervous. When she stopped in the other day it was like staring at the person I used to know, the one that was always nice to me, I was nice to her, but we didn't really know much about each other at all. But the online friend I know now knows tons about me and we share alot of deep secrets and feelings, how do I merge the two in my head? I'm going to have a glass or two of wine before she comes over to loosen me up, it will be easier to merge the two people in my mind. It should be a great night of talking.

I'm not sure if she has feelings for me or not, but I think tonight I'm going to tell her, hopefully before she says anything about feelings so I don't have make her feel like an idiot. She's far from an idiot but that's how I would feel if I proclaimed my love or desires to find out the other person isn't interested! So I want to avoid that at all costs. But she has ties to my life now, other people that know me, I have to trust that she will keep it a secret until the time comes I'm ready to reveal the truth. I think she will, it should be an interesting conversation. ; )

So anyway I think that's all, not much going on besides my raging hormones, I really wish I could tame them. Haven't started talking to the local guy yet about meeting, but maybe after christmas, it would be nice I think. We'll see where time takes me.

So anyway that's all, I should go.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Online vs. Real life

So I've been wondering how one goes from an online friendship to a real friendship. Has anyone done it? Is there an easy transition to make? To be honest I've done this a couple of times and it always feel so foreign.

One friend I had never spoken to until she showed up at my store, It took me while, but I knew she was coming. I read what we had written back and forth and had to keep this information in my head. When we met I had to remind myself that this person knew me better than most of my friends at that time so I had to lunge that forward in my brain to react properly. A warm hello and a hug! It's not that I didn't want to, but suddenly someone you had only written to was standing infront of you. Why is it so much easier to say things online? Suddenly when the person is infront of you, you realize they are real and they know you very well.

My friend from out of town is finally back in town. We knew each other a long time ago but didn't really "know" each other. We weren't bff or anything, but we certainly didn't not like each other. In the last year or so we have grown close over myspace, we have had online conversations that I haven't had with other people. And when she showed up to my store it was like my brain froze. Suddenly the things I was saying became real. How do you go from the keyboard to talking? I'm going to find out because she knows so much about me now, and she'll be here for an evening of catching up. I'm excited and yet I wonder if I'll be able to speak as freely about stuff when she's sitting across from me.

It's such a different world with all this technology. I found it so amazing still the other day as I was chatting with two different people that live 5 hours from each other by car. But as I was chatting they were right next to each other. IT makes me sound like a freak, but technology has truely amazed me. Pretty amazing the amounts of people it has brought together. I have several friends that married someone they have met online. Would they have met otherwise? It's a pretty amazing thing.

Well it's a bit incoherent, but I'm so tired I'm not sure what I'm typing anymore. Just going to stop now.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

These are the results of my personal DNA

These are so acurate it's scarry!!!

Take it yourself here:

You are an Artist

  • Your appreciation of beauty, ability to think abstractly, and innovativeness make you an ARTIST.

  • Never one to be tied to a particular way of doing things, you let your imagination guide you in discovering different possibilities.

  • You would rather seek out new experiences than stick to your everyday habits, taking in as much of the world as possible.

  • Your eye for beauty and your willingness to consider different perspectives make your creative efforts interesting—even though you may not realize this yourself.

  • You prefer to think about things before voicing your opinion, considering a wide, diverse range of options.

  • While there are forms and styles that you prefer, you tend to keep an open mind when it comes to your artistic preferences.

  • You are curious about things, interested in the "why" more than the “how.”

  • You have an active imagination that leads you express yourself in a distinct way.

  • You're not one to force your positions on a group, and you tend to be fair in evaluating different options.

  • You're not afraid to let your emotions guide you, and you're generally considerate of others' feelings as well.

  • You do your own thing when it comes to clothing, guided more by practical concerns than by other people's notions of style.

  • You are Considerate

  • You trust others, care about them, and are slow to judge them, making you CONSIDERATE.

  • You value your close relationships very much, and are more likely to spend time in small, tightly-knit groups of friends than in large crowds.

  • You enjoy exploring the world through observation, quietly watching others.

  • Relating to others so well, and understanding their emotions, leads you to trust people in general, even though you're somewhat shy and reserved at times.

  • Your belief that people are generally well-intentioned contributes to your sympathy regarding their problems.

  • Although you may not vocalize it often, you have an awareness of how society affects individuals, and you understand complex causes of people's behavior.

  • You like to look at all sides of a situation before making a judgment, particularly when that situation involves important things in other people's lives.

  • Your close friends know you as a good listener.

  • Confidence
    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Trust in others
    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Attention to style
    Low High
    Low High
    Imaginative Earthy
    Functional Aesthetic

    Monday, December 17, 2007

    Customer blog

    Last blog I talked about Rodney. This time I'd like to talk about Jonny. He is a customer that started coming in because of Rodney, he's Rodney's best friend.

    I actually grew up down the street from Jonny and his wife. They lived in a tiny little shack at the end of our street and we were always afraid of them. Not because they were mean, but because they were different. They were middle aged and it didn't seem like they cared about how they looked or how their house looked. Now that I'm older I can understand that. They are who they are and don't really care what people think.

    They didn't have a lot of money and did what they could. Several years ago Jonny's wife died. What I have learned since is that she was his caretaker. She took care of the money, the house work and everything. His job was to go to work, make the money and take care of his wife financially and mentally. They loved each other, it's something you can't see when you're young, but I know that now. I didn't really know Jonny until he started coming in here and my aunt pointed out he worked with her.

    When his wife died, my aunt and her co-workers took him under their wing when they discovered just how lost he was without his wife. He didn't know anything about a check book, or bank accounts, or cleaning, or even the answering machine. His wife did everything like that. So they took their time and showed him how to balance a check book, where his money was supposed to go, what bills he had, and how to work the answering machine. They made him self sufficient.

    As I've gotten to know Jonny I've realized he does the same thing for everyone he knows. If they are hard up for money, he gives them money or buys them the things they need to survive. If they are lonely he has a party, if his friends are out of work he hires them to work on his house that he has completely transformed in the last three years. He'd rather pay his friends than the crazy contractors he had hired. His friends are very loyal to him and help out when they are needed. He brings companionship to each of them, each of them that seems like social outcasts find solace at Jonny's.

    Jonny enjoys his baseball. He stays busy most of the time but if there is a good baseball game on he's not to be found anywhere but his recliner watching the game. He works seven days a week and doesn't complain unless he's been on vacation for a week, then he doesn't want to go back. Who can blame him? He has a heart of gold and is very generous and supportive, he's good people.

    Jonny told me one night he would rather pay a few extra bucks to help keep me in business because he'd rather come here and be treated like a human being than go to a chain store and be treated like a dollar amount, that and my prices are so great he saves money!! ; ) He's not happy with a decision until he's really thought it out and tried everything. He's currently looking for a church to attend and has nearly attended every church in town and is narrowing his choices down. He's a very complete thinker.

    I enjoy helping Jonny, he has become a very good customer. Beer, milk, bread, chips and deli meat and somtimes candy. Jonny is fun to talk to, and while he likes his plaid pants he is still so much fun. People are scared off by the pants or his semi bad teeth, but behind all that is a man who would do anything for you and is so much fun to talk to.

    Jonny is da man.

    A myspace blog

    Wow a whole week without a blog, I'm sorry. I've been involved with other things both in real life and online life. How sad that's part of me now. I still remember in 1995 when I was introduced to the internet in COLLEGE!!! How sad. It was then I convinced my parents to get online at home, it was wonderful. I knew like five people with email addresses and thought it was so cool to send an email.

    Time evolved and by the time I moved to Michigan I was using instant messaging, emailing tons of people and finding people I hadn't seen in forever. And now, here I am, I am part of a few online communities, operate a few different blogs, made friends all over the country, met new friends and became closer to even more!! What a great part of my life this has become.

    Of course it has also sucked me into it's vortex of procrastination. Trying to keep up with everything I'm a part of, keeping me from taking care of my house, or myself even! I'm horribly addicted. hehehehehehehe

    So anyway, where the heck did that come from? Well it's Christmas time, hard to believe it's nearly here already! I can hardly believe it. I still have 2 strings of lights on my tree burned out that I need to replace, I'm so bad. I might get around to that tonight, maybe. ; ) I did finally start christmas shopping. Got most of it done, but there are a few people that have stumped me. I pride myself in finding great gifts, but with my budget this year I'm a bit stumped. There are the people in my life that already have everything and it leaves me wondering what the heck in my price range they could use?

    The weather is disgusting. Snow, ice, blech, I could do without it. I made Shelly promise to bring back warmth from San Diego with her, she gets back tomorrow so it better warm up or I'll be sad. ; ( I often ask myself, "self, why on earth did you stay in Ohio and move to Michigan and back to Ohio if you hate winter so much?" I have no answer, we are all drawn to one place or another for various reasons. For some reason I ended up back here. Time to move Mohring's I think. Somewhere along 75 in a warm climate. ; ) Yeah, prettles and palm trees! hahahahahahhaaha

    The weekend was rather dull, but wasn't bad, I really enjoyed it. Business was great because of the impending storm and I watched SuperBad with Scott one night. That movie is pretty freakin funny! We really want to see Last Man or whatever the new Will Smith movie is called, it looks really good! That and Swiney Todd, that movie looks great too! I love this time of year, so many great movies come out!

    I hope you enjoy the new picture on the profile, it was a fun night. It was the weekend before my birthday and my monkey crew took me out to dinner. What is a monkey crew you may ask? It's the people that introduced me to Monkey Bay wine. It's incredible!!! It's been downhill since then. We're wine testers, bottle by bottle we find wines we enjoy. The group hasn't grown much but we all seem to be so busy. It's time for a Monkey night again sometime soon.

    Speaking of nights, it's soon time for JD night! I don't know if I'm more excited about JD or getting to see Genia again!!! I haven't seen her for like 13 years!!! Obviously I'm a bit more excited to see Genia again, but the JD will top off the night!!! ; ) So glad she was able to fit in visitation time this trip. ; ) It will be a good christmas and I'm sure we're going to have a riot that night! We have much to catch up on.

    So I really don't have much else to say really. I'm kind of bored right now, the weather has scared off the customers but I'm still doing alright. Life goes on and so will I. Whoot!!!

    Well I better be off, I have trash to take out.

    I know, you're jealous of my life..... ; )

    This week's Post Secret that spoke to me.

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    I only wish I could tell you why this spoke to me, but I can't put it to words. I'm not sure what the creator was thinking when they put it together, but it spoke to me, it spoke volumes to me, and I can't explain why.

    Saturday, December 15, 2007


    So if I title something untitled, is it still titled? Just a thought.

    So I'm just blogging out of boredom, usually something will pop into my head as I ramble on about nothing important. I tried to post a blog on my normal page and the site wiped it clean so I didn't feel like retyping it so I figured, oh well, time to move on. ; ) lucky you.

    So I've been chatting everyday with one of my out of town friends lately, she's one of the two that I've told I'm gay and she's been so much fun. I can finally say what I want to say and she doesn't judge me. I can see now why most gay men have women as friends, I feel comfortable talking about a hot guy with a woman, while it would make most men uncomfortable. It's been fun. She's so much fun to chat with, I miss it on Saturdays when everyone else is home or doing things and I'm still at work.

    So this whole coming out things seems to be snow balling faster than I had imagined, but it has felt good to get it out of my mind that I want to keep going. But then the reality of those I have yet to tell and I get terrified again. The possible reprocutions of my actions are what scares me the most. I'm waiting until that one person I tell gets pissed or upset with me and leaves my life. I'm planning a trip out of town next month and visiting one of the people I plan on telling next. I know he'll be o.k. but there is a part of me that is scared he'll freak out on me and leave, and I wouldn't be able to handle that. He's such a great person, I just don't know how he'll react. He was there for many difficult parts of my life and watched me go through my two relationships with women, it will be a shock to him I think, and I'm not sure how I'll handle it.

    Part of me is telling me to shut up and keep quiet and be the person I've been for the last 30 years, and the other one is tired of hiding and tired of pretending to be something I'm not. It's a constant battle in the head, I don't know how others deal with it. I started with people from out of town because they aren't really connected to anyone in town. Another friend of mine is coming to town next weekend and we're getting together. I think I have to tell her because I think she's starting to have feelings for me. We didn't know each other real well the first time around but have grown really close over the last year and I have to tell her when she's here, I can't let her continue to think the things she's been thinking lately. It would be nice for her to know as well.

    So my neighbor was over yesterday and we shared a couple of beers. I hated to see him go because he was wearing my favorite pair of jeans on him, and I enjoy looking at him. Not just his package, but everything, his eyes, his hair, the way his chin is shaped and the 5 o'clock shadow framing his beautiful face, his ripped chest poking through his shirt and his frail hands. He's just an awesome guy and he's fun to look at, he's the total package, his wife is one lucky person!!

    Well I'm drifting back and forth to sleep so I should find something to do.

    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    A blogger exclusive blog!

    Yes, I figured it was time to stop cheating by using one blog for both spaces, so I'm back to talk about more of my customers.

    Today's choice?


    This is a man that strikes fear in everyone that has every worked here or hung out here. Keep in mind that this man has a heart of gold, a very giving and kind human being. But he's one of the most obnoxious people to deal with. Not because he's rude or he's stupid, but because he won't stop talking. A simple transaction takes nearly an hour and he likes to pester other customers as well, and if they are female, watch out. He should probably register where he lives. ; )

    Rodney grew up a little slow. He grew up in a very strange family, and parts of them are pretty horrifying from what I've heard from other members, but he's part of the family that was not horifying. He was very dependent on his parents, but when they were both gone he was left alone. Rodney is now in his sixties, but since I got the store he's been through some crap.

    A school for special people had him working and earning a living, and he was living in the house his father let for him, but after his father died Rodney turned to booze. He loves his beer and it shows now. He eventually lost the house because he couldn't keep up with the taxes and they ended up auctioning off nearly everything he had and left him homeless. He bounced back and got himself an apartment a few places down from his old house. He ran into some bad luck and lost the job and he burnt his savings, what was left, and landed himself a job at the BK. It works well for Rodney, he likes the work and according to the manager (a friend of mine) he does pretty good work. He has since moved to a cheaper place that he seems to like more.

    He drinks a min. of 6 tall boys of beer everynight, some he gets from me and some he gets from shell. I've discovered he still goes to shell so people don't realize just how much he drinks! But I got him figured out. He's a dirty old man, but stays relativly under control when he's in public, but the stories he tells me since we've become friends are a bit disturbing. There are just certain things about my customers lives that I'd rather life without knowing! I'd sleep better anyway! But he tells me anyway, he's kind of funny like that.

    Rodney has a circle of friends that on the outside are rather shady and scary people, but if you know them you find out they are really a family upon themselves. Social outcasts set out to take care of each other. They really are a family and it's pretty neat. Rodney convinced them all to start shopping here and they all do. I find them all so funny and have a pretty good time with most of them. Others are very much like Rodney and get under my skin after while, but they all shop here. Showing a little understanding and caring to Rodney got me about $100 of business a week, and for my little store, that says something.

    Rodney is holding down his job at the BK, but is deteriating health wise. He's got two types of cancer, one of them being blood and there isn't much they can do to treat him, or he's not letting them one or the other. He goes once a month and gets a chemo shot for one of the cancers but he doesn't take care of himself. He's a heck of a cook, but he lets himself get run down. He rides his bike everywhere and walks alot and it's wearing on him. He's landed himself in the hospital twice in the last three months for different diet dificiencies and I think he's doing it on purpose, I think he's giving up. He misses his parents and I can see the pain in his eyes, but he hides it well.

    His sister lost her husband a few months ago and she has latched onto Rodney and they spend alot of time together now. I'm glad for that, but I fear he's too far gone. He drives me crazy most days but he's a good guy, just a little weird. I wonder if he'll be around next year at this time, but I know he's ready to go, he's just chipping away at time.

    That's all for now.

    Monday, December 10, 2007

    You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch

    I just love that song, I don't know why exactly, maybe because it's just funny! ; )

    I mean, they wouldn't touch him with a 39 1/2 foot pole? What about a fourty foot pole? That would be o.k.? ; ) hahahahhahaha

    So it was a weekend, what can I say?

    Friday we threw a little bash for some of the south side business owners and myself and had quite the time. We deep fried 2 turkeys that turned out awesome and we made a ton of other food. About that time I had to go to Work, so I left everyone playing cornhole in my building and drinking it up while I had to go to work. It sucked. But I've gotten so used to leavign events to go to work that I don't think about it much anymore. I know someday I won't need this all, but until then I just keep moving, somedays slower than others. But I must say it was my frist actually succesful party! Maybe it's because I had to leave it early? hmmm....

    Saturday was another fine day, ended by going to BW's with the rest of the Wendy's managers for our christmas party. I was dreading it and bitched about it daily, but I ended up going and had a wonderful time. As much as they all drive me crazy we have such a great time when we're together outside of hell! Then I went and cleaned the Annex and then since everything went so well I ended up renting a couple of movies and ended up at home on my couch curled up in a warm blanket. Not very exciting but just what I was needing. New movies, warmth and relaxation, fantastic I say!

    I rented two movies, Chuck and Larry, and Ocean's 13. Both VERY good movies. I really hit the jackpot with those two.

    Sunday was a late start from sleeping in, inside my cocoon of my electric blanket turned WAY up and just being so comfy. When I finally emerged I went and had lunch with the fam, cursed the weather, watched the rest of Ocean's 13 that I couldn't finish the night before and then went to Defiance. I could tell the weather was bad because I was at the mall on Sunday afternoon a few weeks before christmas and it was empty! How often has that ever happened? I picked up a few things I needed for my fruit baskets this week and headed right back home. I didn't want to be out much, they said bad weather was still on its way. Got home, cleaned a little and took a few quick naps. Got ready and went to work.

    Wendy's has been awful, we've been shorthanded I swear every night I work, I know it happens to the rest of them too. People call off or quit and the manager is stuck closing a postion while trying to get the paperwork done. It usually extends things by half and hour or more depending on the night. We need more help, and we need to fire a few of the help we have already! ; ) Anyone need a part time job? ; )

    Other than that there hasn't been much going on. The front wall in my store was just painted and once again my brother did a fantastic job. I'll have to post pictures of the colors. It's not what I thought I wanted, but I love it!!! It's very different from the white and red, and it's just the coolest.

    The new rental in the front of the store is nearing completion. We have to do some clean up and after the electrical inspection we can install the carpet and get my uncle moved in! Then a quick break and then we start the list again. It's fun! Well not always, but there is much progress being made, I do love that!!!

    My christmas spirit that I lost has been coming and going, I've had a hard time paying attention to it. I've gotten over my guilt of not having alot of money, I have enough to buy for those I can, and well the rest of ya, you'll have to come get a hug, that's what I'm giving you all for christmas. It can be picked up at anytime, but only at this location. ; ) I figured out I just can't spend what I want to, and it's o.k. because I still get a great full day chilling with the family. We have our problems but I love em.

    To top off the year GEnia is coming to town!!! Woop Woop!!!! One night her and I are going to have a long conversation with uncle Jack and just have a great time! Just can't wait until JD thirty. Whoop! Whoop!!! 10 days and counting!!!

    Well that's really all I have. I'm still trying to figure out how to start traveling again, I'm getting cabin fever. I haven't been more than an hour from my house since I can't even remember when.

    O.K. that's really all I have, so I'm going to go and figure out how to thaw the ice from my hands. ; )

    This week's Post Secret that spoke to me.

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    Saturday, December 8, 2007


    I just thought of something to blog about so yes, two blogs in one night.

    I have been thinking about telling everyone how happy I am with my life right now, but the more I think about it, I'm not. I'm getting to the point of misery. I work three jobs to not even make ends meet, I'm surrounded by people that I really don't want to be around, those I do want to be around have lives outside of this one. My best friend can't seem to show emotion about anything and it drives me crazy. How can I open up to someone who can't show emotion? I've never even seen him pissed off, well I know I've seen it, but he doesn't scream, he doesn't do anything but throw anyone off with his sarcasm. I know he's unhappy. I know he loves his job, but he's unhappy with his love life, with his financial situation, with a whole lot in his life. He and I are so simlar and yet we never talk about it. These are just observations I make from what seems like a distance. I used to think he didn't pay attention to me either, but the more and more I realize he knows me better than I think. He knows how I'll react, he knows answers to questions before I answer and he knows my habits.

    How in 13 years have I never noticed him paying attention to our friendship? He sees patterns others don't, he knows me, and yet I feel like we hardly talk. I talk more about what's going on than he does. Our lives revolve around our jobs. His one and my three, how is it we can hardly find anything else to talk about? And how did we survive 13 years on talking about work? It's because of the subtlties of everything I guess. Things I notice as he's going about his day, things I catch on to in a moment of drunk conversation. I enjoy drinking with him because we actually talk. We talk about the past his thinks I don't know about and I try to tell him who I am. I think he knows, but I'm not sure he ever wants to hear it. We have a complex relationship.

    I really have no idea what started this blog...let me go see.....oh yes, my miserable life. I have no social life, I have no money to go out, I don't even have enough money for a long distance phone call to phone friends that have moved away and mean so much to me. I work three jobs, day and night and I still have nothing to show for it. I'm so fed up and so scared of the future. Is this really what I want out of life? Was this really the right decision? What will happen if I leave? Where would I go? Would I feel like a failure if I give up and give in to a losing battle? Will I regret moving on with my life? I'm so confused and lost and I hate to burden some of my friends with this all at once. I get tired of the same advice. It will get better, you will be fine. I just wish for once someone would tell me somthing from the heart, something that will open my mind enough to understand what they are saying. Something that they really mean and didn't read on a post card, or worse yet, what they are afraid of telling me.

    I just feel like they are holding back afraid of hurting my feelings, like they have to lace everything with sarcasm so I wonder if they are serious or not. I hope not. When will I let go of these fears and let myself live my life? When will I let down my walls and let people in? I'm getting better. I've opened myself up to two people so far this year and let them into a life no one has ever known of. Two people that have welcomed all of me, all of my dark secrets and helped me and accepted me for who I am. And yet I'm tied to this internet, I'm tied into saying things without having to say them outloud, and when I finally have people capable of listening to everything I feel awkward about saying them outloud. Being someone for 30 years on the inside and then one day introducing him to the world is a very strange and confusing experience.

    anyway, the alcohol is kicking in so I'll stop blathering on incoherently.

    Gay in Politics

    Now keep in mind as you read this post, I do not keep up as much anymore on the news or names or such.

    I've been reading recently about the senator that has a "gay" past and more and more men are coming forward saying they've been "hit on" by the senator. And yet the conservatives republicans are denying it like crazy, getting vicous at times. What I find hard to hear is the part of the republicans denying being gay. Does the republican party not acknolwedge their own Log Cabin party? A series of Gay republicans? How could a party come out against a portion of their own? When the same scenario went down in New Jersey he came out, he was upset, but he didn't seem ashamed. I guess I'm not seeing the difference.

    How can I be comfortable being who I am when my own political party says I'm not a citizen, I don't deserve the same rights and my religion tells me I'm going to hell? I'm very confused on how people are supposed to live their lives, be who they really are when everyone tells them they are dirty, dirty gays. What the hell is up with that? They welcome the common hooker to vote for them, because she's voting repulubican and getting paid for "clean" sex? What the hell is all I have to say. They will turn away the multi-million dollar gay business owner because he's gay? I don't understand.

    I don't judge people because they are straight, I do not judge people if they are gay, I try my best not to judge people at all. THat's not my job. How is that most people feel so freely about judging everyone else. My favorite is the wife abusing imbezlor laying down moral law about how to act as a human being. This bigot stood there and talked about how evil and disgusting gay people are and yet he's been convicted of domestic violence 6 times in three years and is being investigated from imbezling from his own company. You're going to stand there and judge MY morals???? HA!

    I have to let it go. People have been judging me based on apperance for as long as I've been alive, what makes this so different? It's because much like the weight issue people will pass judgements based on who I'm dating rather than who I am. I'm not sure why it bothers me, it all comes down to credibility because I've seen it all before. He can't be trusted because he sleeps with men. Well let me tell you, I haven't slept with me, well at least not yet, but I know I'm gay. I've slept with women, does that make me more trust worthy? The horrible eye gouging sex I've had with women somehow make me more credible?

    What a backwards freakin world. I get so upset about it and I don't even have the time to deal with it. I just need to get some of this passion out of my head, to clear my mind of these toxins invading my mind. Not that being gay is the toxin, it's the constant desire to enjoy the flesh. The constant need to slide up to the guy I'm standing next to, and kiss him. To feel his flesh and not feel ashamed of what I'm feeling. To not feel like I'm being judged because I want to feel the firmness of his butt, to feel my lips against his. I guess when I stop judging myself for those feelings I'm feel better about going forward with it all. I'm my own worse enemy. I just want to be happy. To let go of my normal life and lose myself in some passion for just a bit, to release those endorphans in my mind and find that high where everything feels right.

    Thursday, December 6, 2007

    What to do

    So I'm at a loss again, I'm never quite sure how I keep landing in this position. My store seems to be taking a nose dive and I'm not sure how it got this way or how to pull out of it. I'm so frustrated I could just explode! I keep trying, and nothing is working. What is it these people want from me? I've never met more difficult people in my life! Of all the places I've lived in my life, this has to be the most confusing.

    Things have gotten so bad at times I've considered driving my car into the river and putting an end to it all. I wouldn't but the thought has crossed my mind. I would never let financial matters put an end to my life, it's the cowards way out, but it doesn't stop the thought from crossing my mind. If I put this in my other blog people would be going crazy and I don't need that.

    I'm just trying to figure it out. Christmas is supposed to be happy a time for celebration, and yet I'm depressed, I'm broke and I'm lonely. I just don't know what to do or how to fix it. I've considered getting help for the depression but I have no money and no health insurance, what else can I do? Bills are piling up and money is gone. I already work three jobs totally over a hundred hours a week and I'm still poor and can't afford to even buy new underware at this point. How sad.

    I have let the cat out of the bag again, I told another friend I was gay. She had been awfully suspisous and was glad I told her. She's been very helpful in helping me sort out some of the religious aspects of this whole scenario and has truely been a great help to my mental state of mind regarding being gay. She's helped me find a bridge between my life and God that I think I can build stronger. She's pointed me in the direction of another friend of hers that has and is going through the same thing and has offered to talk to me, well message me about it. I feel awkward about it, not sure where to start with a perfect stranger, but maybe I'll find the courage.

    Courage, a word that has plagued me all my life. I just realized everything I do or don't do is out of fear. I fear rejection most of all. I have a great money making experience infront of me that could float me along another couple of years both professionally and personally and I'm afraid to make the phone call. I have a gentelman caller very interested in meeting me and he's very local and yet I'm afraid of rejection so I haven't replied to him yet either. Am I really willing to let my fear control my life? Am I willing to say that this is it just because I'm afraid? I hate myself most days.

    I hate the way I look, I hate the things I do, I hate the way I think. I have all this self loathing built up inside of myself it's no wonder I find no motivation. I drowning in a pool of hate and I need to get out, I need to save myself before I drown.

    Yes this blog can be a bit self centered, a bit of a pity party for myself, but that's why I created it in the first place. Why do I appologize obbsessivly?

    Wow I have issues.

    The blog of blogs

    Hi, how ya doin?

    That's all.....

    Alright, it's really not, I have so much to say, but most of it's bitching and I really don't feel like being that guy all the time, so I'll keep it brief and to the point.

    Shop till you drop? Yeah, no one dropped here, and I mean NO ONE. It was my worse day in six weeks. This shop till you drop thing can kiss my grits. Next year we're doing a Holiday open house with a live radio feed and all the people that have moved into my building by then. I'll get more traffic that way then this way. I just feel like I wasted so much time, energy and money preparing for this thing and the VERY lack luster sales of the weeks I've had. ARG.

    Haven't even started christmas shopping, the lack of money and the freakin holiday parties that are going to cost me have left me out of the mood. Half the lights on my christmas tree burned out so I have to undecorate it and restring lights, and I just don't feel like it. The holiday party for job 2 is going to end up costing me about 60 bucks (mind you I make about that in a week) between dinner (yeah we have to buy our own) and the gifts. What kind of holiday party is that? Then I am also required to partake in the employee party and fork out more money to get gifts for the crew. These people are too stupid to get gifts. I'm giving them all soap because they all need a freakin shower. O.K. going to stop this rant right here.

    So christmas that used to be so magical, a happy time for me has turned into a money sucking horrible holiday. I want my christmas back. Maybe next week I'll go and cruise the holiday lights around, maybe that will perk me up a bit, I hope.

    Well in the process of typing this I've gotten a call about a quote for a three hundred person party in January I believe. I'm not getting my hopes up, they are on a budget, but it would be nice.

    Anyone want to buy a carryout? ; ) I guess I'm just at a loss. I'm not sure what else to do on my budget and what I did wrong. I know the ecomony is in the crapper based on what I'm hearing from other businesses as well, but there has to be something people want/need. No one speaks up, no one says anything. The things people are coming in for are things I wouldn't carry anyway, random strange things for the grocery department or big expensive things for the hardware department (or lack there of now). What is it that would make people drive the 1/2 mile across the river to shop for? What will it take to get them to understand it takes a mere five minutes to drive through our town from one end to the other? That crossing the bridge will not set there cars on fire, or mean they are poor? (although most of them are anyway).

    I'm at a loss. I just have to stop being so damn depressed and angry all the time.

    So a happy note.....hmmm.......a happy happy joy joy moment.......
    The front wall is finally being painted, the color chosen was Canary yellow, strange I know, but it works so well, it looks bright and CLEAN! I really do like it. The trim is going to be a greenish brown, it sounds gross but really works with the yellow and I think that's what I'm going to do today after a few minor chores. I have to get something done besides spending all my time on the computer! ; )

    So anyway, I just hadn't blogged in awhile and I know Shelly gets antsy at work if she doesn't have something to read or do so I thought I would let her know I was thinking of her. ; ) (Hi shelly!) and then I'll probably post this on my blogger site as well. That way I'll catch my fan that isn't on myspace as much (What up B?) Yeah, I like to do shout outs.

    How was Calculus Genia???

    Yeah what can I say, I like my regulars to be a part of the blog once in awhile! ; )

    Monday, December 3, 2007

    Post Secret most like me this week

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    A basic blog of the weekend

    Yes I spent the day with some of my favorite members of my extended family to attend a long awaited event called "Spamalot". I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. I have never before been brought to tears from laughter at a musical. It was everything I thought it would be and 10 times more!!! If you are at all a Monty Python fan, you will also laugh until you cry. It was so well put together, so well performed and it was just perfect!!! It was well worth the third job I worked to get the money to go. Wow, what a day!!! I hope and hope they make a video of it, or I can find a bootleg copy or better yet, a movie! I could watch that thing again. Funny, Funny, Funny.

    I have had a great day, which is probably good because my Saturday was shit, but I'm starting to get used to that. Saturday was my official second year in business. Two full years of business, two full years of sleepless night, and two full years of constant worry. I was hoping it would be good, I was hoping it would be at least close to my opening day, but I found myself sick with worry about money again. The last three weeks have been the most horrid I've seen in some time. It has come at a time I've been spending extra money to stock the store. Bad timing as usual. ; )

    Oh it's been a week but I'm making great progress on the old place so it's something to keep me going. I've just been very bitter and angry. I'm trying to let it go and keep my eyes on the prize, or the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. I have landed a large christmas account that is valued at about a week's worth of income and another account that is at least a days worth of sales. I'm learning to push the things that I make the most money on. I've learned alot in the last two years.

    I've met wonderful people and gotten to do some very creative things. I'm hoping to expand on that since I have recently started to put together my stained glass studio in the front of the store. I can't wait to get back into that. I wish I had done it months ago so I could have ornaments ready to go, but oh well. I have some great ideas for easter.

    I have also locked into a woman that used to make homemade cookies for Break-a-way donuts that was in town. They are some really great cookies and she wants to sell them here, so I'm all over that. Once my hot lunches are gone at the first of the year and my new kitchen is in place I can start working on some more specialty items. I have great ideas, but like I've said before, I have to get myself to that point. I'll get there, sometime.

    So anyway there really hasn't been much time for anything exciting, oh who am I kidding, I'm not that exciting! But I'm here, and I'm me. What more do you want from me? ; )

    So anyway, I'm off to finish my laundry, I know exciting!