Monday, December 10, 2007

You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch

I just love that song, I don't know why exactly, maybe because it's just funny! ; )

I mean, they wouldn't touch him with a 39 1/2 foot pole? What about a fourty foot pole? That would be o.k.? ; ) hahahahhahaha

So it was a weekend, what can I say?

Friday we threw a little bash for some of the south side business owners and myself and had quite the time. We deep fried 2 turkeys that turned out awesome and we made a ton of other food. About that time I had to go to Work, so I left everyone playing cornhole in my building and drinking it up while I had to go to work. It sucked. But I've gotten so used to leavign events to go to work that I don't think about it much anymore. I know someday I won't need this all, but until then I just keep moving, somedays slower than others. But I must say it was my frist actually succesful party! Maybe it's because I had to leave it early? hmmm....

Saturday was another fine day, ended by going to BW's with the rest of the Wendy's managers for our christmas party. I was dreading it and bitched about it daily, but I ended up going and had a wonderful time. As much as they all drive me crazy we have such a great time when we're together outside of hell! Then I went and cleaned the Annex and then since everything went so well I ended up renting a couple of movies and ended up at home on my couch curled up in a warm blanket. Not very exciting but just what I was needing. New movies, warmth and relaxation, fantastic I say!

I rented two movies, Chuck and Larry, and Ocean's 13. Both VERY good movies. I really hit the jackpot with those two.

Sunday was a late start from sleeping in, inside my cocoon of my electric blanket turned WAY up and just being so comfy. When I finally emerged I went and had lunch with the fam, cursed the weather, watched the rest of Ocean's 13 that I couldn't finish the night before and then went to Defiance. I could tell the weather was bad because I was at the mall on Sunday afternoon a few weeks before christmas and it was empty! How often has that ever happened? I picked up a few things I needed for my fruit baskets this week and headed right back home. I didn't want to be out much, they said bad weather was still on its way. Got home, cleaned a little and took a few quick naps. Got ready and went to work.

Wendy's has been awful, we've been shorthanded I swear every night I work, I know it happens to the rest of them too. People call off or quit and the manager is stuck closing a postion while trying to get the paperwork done. It usually extends things by half and hour or more depending on the night. We need more help, and we need to fire a few of the help we have already! ; ) Anyone need a part time job? ; )

Other than that there hasn't been much going on. The front wall in my store was just painted and once again my brother did a fantastic job. I'll have to post pictures of the colors. It's not what I thought I wanted, but I love it!!! It's very different from the white and red, and it's just the coolest.

The new rental in the front of the store is nearing completion. We have to do some clean up and after the electrical inspection we can install the carpet and get my uncle moved in! Then a quick break and then we start the list again. It's fun! Well not always, but there is much progress being made, I do love that!!!

My christmas spirit that I lost has been coming and going, I've had a hard time paying attention to it. I've gotten over my guilt of not having alot of money, I have enough to buy for those I can, and well the rest of ya, you'll have to come get a hug, that's what I'm giving you all for christmas. It can be picked up at anytime, but only at this location. ; ) I figured out I just can't spend what I want to, and it's o.k. because I still get a great full day chilling with the family. We have our problems but I love em.

To top off the year GEnia is coming to town!!! Woop Woop!!!! One night her and I are going to have a long conversation with uncle Jack and just have a great time! Just can't wait until JD thirty. Whoop! Whoop!!! 10 days and counting!!!

Well that's really all I have. I'm still trying to figure out how to start traveling again, I'm getting cabin fever. I haven't been more than an hour from my house since I can't even remember when.

O.K. that's really all I have, so I'm going to go and figure out how to thaw the ice from my hands. ; )

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  1. You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have.....the facts of life, the facts of life!