Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Saturday

Well here it is another Saturday, was slammed this morning, but it has since slowed down. Every christmas season is different from the last. I think yesterday was my big money maker, so I'll take solace in that. ; )

My long lost friend from out of town is visiting tonight. I'm so excited and yet so nervous. When she stopped in the other day it was like staring at the person I used to know, the one that was always nice to me, I was nice to her, but we didn't really know much about each other at all. But the online friend I know now knows tons about me and we share alot of deep secrets and feelings, how do I merge the two in my head? I'm going to have a glass or two of wine before she comes over to loosen me up, it will be easier to merge the two people in my mind. It should be a great night of talking.

I'm not sure if she has feelings for me or not, but I think tonight I'm going to tell her, hopefully before she says anything about feelings so I don't have make her feel like an idiot. She's far from an idiot but that's how I would feel if I proclaimed my love or desires to find out the other person isn't interested! So I want to avoid that at all costs. But she has ties to my life now, other people that know me, I have to trust that she will keep it a secret until the time comes I'm ready to reveal the truth. I think she will, it should be an interesting conversation. ; )

So anyway I think that's all, not much going on besides my raging hormones, I really wish I could tame them. Haven't started talking to the local guy yet about meeting, but maybe after christmas, it would be nice I think. We'll see where time takes me.

So anyway that's all, I should go.

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