Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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Yes, I figured it was time to stop cheating by using one blog for both spaces, so I'm back to talk about more of my customers.

Today's choice?


This is a man that strikes fear in everyone that has every worked here or hung out here. Keep in mind that this man has a heart of gold, a very giving and kind human being. But he's one of the most obnoxious people to deal with. Not because he's rude or he's stupid, but because he won't stop talking. A simple transaction takes nearly an hour and he likes to pester other customers as well, and if they are female, watch out. He should probably register where he lives. ; )

Rodney grew up a little slow. He grew up in a very strange family, and parts of them are pretty horrifying from what I've heard from other members, but he's part of the family that was not horifying. He was very dependent on his parents, but when they were both gone he was left alone. Rodney is now in his sixties, but since I got the store he's been through some crap.

A school for special people had him working and earning a living, and he was living in the house his father let for him, but after his father died Rodney turned to booze. He loves his beer and it shows now. He eventually lost the house because he couldn't keep up with the taxes and they ended up auctioning off nearly everything he had and left him homeless. He bounced back and got himself an apartment a few places down from his old house. He ran into some bad luck and lost the job and he burnt his savings, what was left, and landed himself a job at the BK. It works well for Rodney, he likes the work and according to the manager (a friend of mine) he does pretty good work. He has since moved to a cheaper place that he seems to like more.

He drinks a min. of 6 tall boys of beer everynight, some he gets from me and some he gets from shell. I've discovered he still goes to shell so people don't realize just how much he drinks! But I got him figured out. He's a dirty old man, but stays relativly under control when he's in public, but the stories he tells me since we've become friends are a bit disturbing. There are just certain things about my customers lives that I'd rather life without knowing! I'd sleep better anyway! But he tells me anyway, he's kind of funny like that.

Rodney has a circle of friends that on the outside are rather shady and scary people, but if you know them you find out they are really a family upon themselves. Social outcasts set out to take care of each other. They really are a family and it's pretty neat. Rodney convinced them all to start shopping here and they all do. I find them all so funny and have a pretty good time with most of them. Others are very much like Rodney and get under my skin after while, but they all shop here. Showing a little understanding and caring to Rodney got me about $100 of business a week, and for my little store, that says something.

Rodney is holding down his job at the BK, but is deteriating health wise. He's got two types of cancer, one of them being blood and there isn't much they can do to treat him, or he's not letting them one or the other. He goes once a month and gets a chemo shot for one of the cancers but he doesn't take care of himself. He's a heck of a cook, but he lets himself get run down. He rides his bike everywhere and walks alot and it's wearing on him. He's landed himself in the hospital twice in the last three months for different diet dificiencies and I think he's doing it on purpose, I think he's giving up. He misses his parents and I can see the pain in his eyes, but he hides it well.

His sister lost her husband a few months ago and she has latched onto Rodney and they spend alot of time together now. I'm glad for that, but I fear he's too far gone. He drives me crazy most days but he's a good guy, just a little weird. I wonder if he'll be around next year at this time, but I know he's ready to go, he's just chipping away at time.

That's all for now.

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  1. Sometimes I feel like Rodney. Like people put up with me because for the most part I'm cool, but I get under their skin and they just wish I would go away...