Thursday, December 6, 2007

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Hi, how ya doin?

That's all.....

Alright, it's really not, I have so much to say, but most of it's bitching and I really don't feel like being that guy all the time, so I'll keep it brief and to the point.

Shop till you drop? Yeah, no one dropped here, and I mean NO ONE. It was my worse day in six weeks. This shop till you drop thing can kiss my grits. Next year we're doing a Holiday open house with a live radio feed and all the people that have moved into my building by then. I'll get more traffic that way then this way. I just feel like I wasted so much time, energy and money preparing for this thing and the VERY lack luster sales of the weeks I've had. ARG.

Haven't even started christmas shopping, the lack of money and the freakin holiday parties that are going to cost me have left me out of the mood. Half the lights on my christmas tree burned out so I have to undecorate it and restring lights, and I just don't feel like it. The holiday party for job 2 is going to end up costing me about 60 bucks (mind you I make about that in a week) between dinner (yeah we have to buy our own) and the gifts. What kind of holiday party is that? Then I am also required to partake in the employee party and fork out more money to get gifts for the crew. These people are too stupid to get gifts. I'm giving them all soap because they all need a freakin shower. O.K. going to stop this rant right here.

So christmas that used to be so magical, a happy time for me has turned into a money sucking horrible holiday. I want my christmas back. Maybe next week I'll go and cruise the holiday lights around, maybe that will perk me up a bit, I hope.

Well in the process of typing this I've gotten a call about a quote for a three hundred person party in January I believe. I'm not getting my hopes up, they are on a budget, but it would be nice.

Anyone want to buy a carryout? ; ) I guess I'm just at a loss. I'm not sure what else to do on my budget and what I did wrong. I know the ecomony is in the crapper based on what I'm hearing from other businesses as well, but there has to be something people want/need. No one speaks up, no one says anything. The things people are coming in for are things I wouldn't carry anyway, random strange things for the grocery department or big expensive things for the hardware department (or lack there of now). What is it that would make people drive the 1/2 mile across the river to shop for? What will it take to get them to understand it takes a mere five minutes to drive through our town from one end to the other? That crossing the bridge will not set there cars on fire, or mean they are poor? (although most of them are anyway).

I'm at a loss. I just have to stop being so damn depressed and angry all the time.

So a happy note.....hmmm.......a happy happy joy joy moment.......
The front wall is finally being painted, the color chosen was Canary yellow, strange I know, but it works so well, it looks bright and CLEAN! I really do like it. The trim is going to be a greenish brown, it sounds gross but really works with the yellow and I think that's what I'm going to do today after a few minor chores. I have to get something done besides spending all my time on the computer! ; )

So anyway, I just hadn't blogged in awhile and I know Shelly gets antsy at work if she doesn't have something to read or do so I thought I would let her know I was thinking of her. ; ) (Hi shelly!) and then I'll probably post this on my blogger site as well. That way I'll catch my fan that isn't on myspace as much (What up B?) Yeah, I like to do shout outs.

How was Calculus Genia???

Yeah what can I say, I like my regulars to be a part of the blog once in awhile! ; )

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  1. I love you!

    Your eternally devoted,

    Judith Pancake