Monday, December 17, 2007

A myspace blog

Wow a whole week without a blog, I'm sorry. I've been involved with other things both in real life and online life. How sad that's part of me now. I still remember in 1995 when I was introduced to the internet in COLLEGE!!! How sad. It was then I convinced my parents to get online at home, it was wonderful. I knew like five people with email addresses and thought it was so cool to send an email.

Time evolved and by the time I moved to Michigan I was using instant messaging, emailing tons of people and finding people I hadn't seen in forever. And now, here I am, I am part of a few online communities, operate a few different blogs, made friends all over the country, met new friends and became closer to even more!! What a great part of my life this has become.

Of course it has also sucked me into it's vortex of procrastination. Trying to keep up with everything I'm a part of, keeping me from taking care of my house, or myself even! I'm horribly addicted. hehehehehehehe

So anyway, where the heck did that come from? Well it's Christmas time, hard to believe it's nearly here already! I can hardly believe it. I still have 2 strings of lights on my tree burned out that I need to replace, I'm so bad. I might get around to that tonight, maybe. ; ) I did finally start christmas shopping. Got most of it done, but there are a few people that have stumped me. I pride myself in finding great gifts, but with my budget this year I'm a bit stumped. There are the people in my life that already have everything and it leaves me wondering what the heck in my price range they could use?

The weather is disgusting. Snow, ice, blech, I could do without it. I made Shelly promise to bring back warmth from San Diego with her, she gets back tomorrow so it better warm up or I'll be sad. ; ( I often ask myself, "self, why on earth did you stay in Ohio and move to Michigan and back to Ohio if you hate winter so much?" I have no answer, we are all drawn to one place or another for various reasons. For some reason I ended up back here. Time to move Mohring's I think. Somewhere along 75 in a warm climate. ; ) Yeah, prettles and palm trees! hahahahahahhaaha

The weekend was rather dull, but wasn't bad, I really enjoyed it. Business was great because of the impending storm and I watched SuperBad with Scott one night. That movie is pretty freakin funny! We really want to see Last Man or whatever the new Will Smith movie is called, it looks really good! That and Swiney Todd, that movie looks great too! I love this time of year, so many great movies come out!

I hope you enjoy the new picture on the profile, it was a fun night. It was the weekend before my birthday and my monkey crew took me out to dinner. What is a monkey crew you may ask? It's the people that introduced me to Monkey Bay wine. It's incredible!!! It's been downhill since then. We're wine testers, bottle by bottle we find wines we enjoy. The group hasn't grown much but we all seem to be so busy. It's time for a Monkey night again sometime soon.

Speaking of nights, it's soon time for JD night! I don't know if I'm more excited about JD or getting to see Genia again!!! I haven't seen her for like 13 years!!! Obviously I'm a bit more excited to see Genia again, but the JD will top off the night!!! ; ) So glad she was able to fit in visitation time this trip. ; ) It will be a good christmas and I'm sure we're going to have a riot that night! We have much to catch up on.

So I really don't have much else to say really. I'm kind of bored right now, the weather has scared off the customers but I'm still doing alright. Life goes on and so will I. Whoot!!!

Well I better be off, I have trash to take out.

I know, you're jealous of my life..... ; )

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