Thursday, February 23, 2006

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We're still here!
Well here we still are. February is coming to an end, and we're still here. It's been a really tight couple of months, but we have seen some really great growth this month. It's getting a little easier to get through the months, especially with all the big bills of February and January. I have no idea how I have survived, but here I am!

Lunches are really starting to take off. Selling out has become more and more common, I guess I'll have to start preparing more stuff for lunch. I still wonder how I learned how to do all of this. It must have been those hours and hours of Food Network watching I've done in the past. And how ironic, it's now that I can't afford cable! ; ) Oh well, such is life.

Projects are coming to a close one by one. The new coffee station is a mere two pieces of trim from being complete and the new wine and gift display should be done in a week or so. The garage was insulated and we have new ideas for new spaces. It can be very exciting in here at times when thinking of new projects. We have some great ideas about the athletic wear department, that room won't even look the same when we're done with it all. The new cash counter is getting closer to becoming reality. Once the rest of the projects are complete, we can begin phasing in the new cash counter. That will be the biggest change of them all.

We are still working on the Meat market. In case it wasn't stated before, we have been approached by a few people who wish to open a meat market in the back of the store, or inside the main store, we're not sure which yet. But we are waiting on the butcher to come in and start talking about the set up. Suddenly the butcher is starting to drag his feet. It's starting to upset me, the meat market has such great potential, it could be just what this business needs. We are also working towards a new renter for the old beauty shop. It doesn't seem that the used children's clothing store is ever going to happen, so we're moving on. We're going to finish up cleaning that space when the weather breaks, it's just to cold to be going between the spaces right now. I may have a renter, but I'm not sure yet, to early to speculate too much.

We just started our fill a bag for $2 sale in the consignment store, I'm tired of seeing all that stuff back there, and let me tell you, a sale like this is really getting it cleared out!! I can't wait until it's empty. Then we can close it down until we find out what's happening to the meat market. There is a possibility it will be completely seperated from the store and rented out as well, but that's not a definate yet. You put 60% off on this merchandise and people still hmm and haw over it, but tell them to fill a bag and they come flocking in like crazy!!!

So anyway, that's where we are now. Once the weather breaks it's back to working outside again. I can't wait!!!!!
Well until we meet again!

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