Sunday, December 24, 2006

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Merry Christmas
Well this is our second christmas. The sales are way up from last year so we have seen some wonderful growth. We've seen really hard times and we've seen some good times. Overall we are just glad to have seen times. We have completed our first year, it was rough but we have now seen what over half of new businesses haven't seen, a full year of sales. While the sales are not where they need to be yet, they are there enough to get us through, that's enough right now.

We are still working on the deal for the used childrens clothing store in the old beauty shop area and are now discussing a new operation for the back of the store. I have been approached by a group of people that would like to open a butcher shop in the rear of the store. They have the people and the money and the ideas, so we will be working together after the first of the year to see if we can work out a deal. We are very excited about this opportunity and hope this is what this busisness has been waiting for. It's an exciting project and we can't wait to see how it progresses.

Most of all we are happy with all the support we have recieved and just wanted to take a moment before we close down for the holidays to wish everyone who visits this space a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

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