Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh the Drag Show

So yes on Saturday I got to go out with the roommate and some new friends from work. We went to a gay club called Adonis to see the drag show. The club was really nice and it was huge. I was not expecting either. Now some of the previous bars I've been too have been shady but not really dirty or anything, but this place has big comfy chairs, a fireplace, a pool, a HUGE dance floor and a huge area for the shows. It was a really nice place and we had a blast!

You can read roommies blog here for the things that could be over heard at different times that night that kept us laughing. Her memory is a lot better than mine, I may or may not have had one too many drinks. I was not falling down but I was certainly in no shape to drive, I could have been buy my roommate volunteered to drive home so I indulged a bit. :)

The actual drag show was the longest show I've ever seen. My "usual" bar would have three performers, a break and then the same three performers. I couldn't even tell you how many performers there were on Saturday, 5, maybe 6? It just kept going, I believe they each did two songs but it was pretty awesome. The beginning was kind of slow compared to the show I was used to, but the end started picking up, the head dresses, the Madonna Vogue get up, it was all just so awesome!

We all seemed to have a great time, I got to spend time with these new people out of work finally and had a great time with only minor drama between two of them, but oh well, I kind of expect drama when there are people there barely old enough to drink. We kept it to a minimum and I continued to have a good night. Yes, before you ask, I did get out on the dance floor and danced it up for awhile with the girls from work, some of who had no idea I was gay until that night, the other half knew the minute they met me. I guess I'm confusing. lol.

The night was a blast and ended with the roommie and I hitting the waffle house and getting home just before 4am. I can't do that a lot because I'm getting just to old, but man that's fun to do once in awhile. We are already starting to plan our next outing, not sure where too yet, but probably something a little less "over the top". lol.


  1. There were 6 performers and the each performed FOUR songs. You just left after the 2nd round and hung out on the dance floor and in the bar.

    Also, you were hilarious. Just really really really excited about EVERYTHING. You would come running over and shout something at me and Erin and then run away again.

    Also, "Sorry I was gone so long, I was distacted by techno"

  2. Best quote ever!

    Also, I'm super-glad you had such a good time!