Friday, January 28, 2011

6 months

Yes, I realized tonight that it has now been 6 months that I've been living down here. I can't believe it's gone by so fast! I don't regret a minute of it and am still incredibly happy I made that decision oh so long ago. I remember how less than a year ago it felt like it was just never going to happen and that I would die in that small town.

The stress of moving down and not having a job. The finances of the store hanging over my head while I was trying to get settled in down here and still deal with the closing up there. Oh the headaches, but it was so much easier to take here. I have no idea what I did those two or three weeks I was unemployed, but I needed them.

The stress of interviews and job searching that seemed a bit overwhelming at the time went so well and while I didn't find the best job, it was the best job at that time and it worked out very well. I enjoyed my time at O.M. and was able to sort through a lot of emotional work related baggage there, it was refreshing.

It's funny how fast time goes. 6 months and my roommate hasn't killed me. 6 months and I am still loving every minute of it.


  1. Don't forget that it's been 6 months and you haven't killed her either!

  2. This just made me smile, so that's my comment. :-)

  3. Hey! Jake! No one would EVER want to kill me, I'm PRECIOUS!