Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good things for December

December 1: Heard some very good things about my progress and status with the new (now 5 week old) job. Helped to push away some of the emotional baggage, at least for a day. lol.

December 2: Came to terms with the lack of future for my second job, praying for the strength to go through with it this time.

December 3: Attended a Christmas party for the roomies work and had a good time and lots of laughter to follow.

December 4: Enjoyed Christmas shopping this morning and just heading from store to store enjoying my day, movie with the roomie, and just a Saturday that I haven't had in months.

December 5: I was reminded what good people I know when the boys replaced my bad brakes today and then had a great dinner and general merriment with them as well.

December 6: I feel blessed to have a job that I don't hate, pays my bills and affords me the luxuries I've missed, like christmas shopping. :)

December 7: Spoke with the manager of my second job and put in a notice.....I think. lol.

December 8: Today my good thing is my new friendships at work, I'm certain we knew each other in another life. lol.

December 9: Word has spread that I'm nearly done with my second job and no one is trying to stop me this time.

December 10: Graduated from training today!! Woot woot!! Also surgery went great and friends are on the mend!!

December 11: Got to see A & L today at the hospital and was filled with the feeling of goodness just being around them and their situation filled with love.

December 12: Spent the day in the warm house watching movies and playing games with the roomie. It was a great day.

December 13: Heard news of my leaving is spreading through my work place of my second job. That makes me think they are letting me leave this time. :)

December 14: I got to sleep in, go christmas shopping and make a good dinner for me and the roommate. It was a great day!

December 15: I feel blessed for working with such nice people.

December 16: Didn't have to work at O.M. tonight, got to enjoy an evening with the roommate!

December 17: Got to help J with some basic work, I do love helping people.

December 18: Had a wonderful family christmas with my extended family and was made to feel so much love.

December 19:Had a fantastic visit with some besties and my favorite little girl. My heart bursts with love for the three of them!

December 20: Had a good and safe drive home from NW Ohio, each trip makes me love living here even more.

December 21: Got to finish my christmas shopping and wrapping today! I'm all ready for christmas!

December 22: Helped a stressed family put together the christmas feeling into a house in the midst of a remodel

December 23: The good thing for the day is that I'm nearing the end of my shifts at O.M.

December 24: candlelight service is an amazing way to spend christmas eve!!!

December 25: A whole day with my family, time we don't get very often and everything went well!

December 26: My good thing today is that I realized I don't have to make that long drive again for the foreseeable future. lol.

December 27: Had some very nice things said to me today as I prepare to leave my second job and go down to a simple full time job for the first time in nearly 6 years.

December 28: I was thrusted into the 21rst century with my new smart phone today. Good bye 80's flip phone, hello internet everywhere!!

December 29: Joined a gym today and realized I won't be alone in this adventure.....for once.

December 30: It was my last day at the second job. I am now only employed by one company. It's crazy to think about.

December 31: Was happy to end the year with some friends for dinner and a quiet night watching a movie with Jeff. Jake and Cody eat your hearts out. ;) lol.


  1. Ummm... Dude... There are 31 days in December! Don't leave me hanging!

  2. sorry buddy! I forgot to update it before it posted! My bad, it's been fixed now! ;)

  3. Now I can finally rest!