Friday, January 21, 2011

Personal Responsibility

I had issues with this many, many years ago and someone finally mentioned to me how I never accept responsibility for my own actions and always place the blame elsewhere. I had never realized it until someone pointed it out to me and from that day forward I started to drive myself crazy! lol.

I began to take notes and realize that I was passing the blame onto so many other people or situations or who knows what else and never accepting my actions or repercussions to my actions. I've worked really hard over the last several years battling with who was to blame for what was happening in my life. I had to take stock in my decisions and realize that some of the bad things that were happening, or the bad paths I was venturing down were my own doing. I couldn't blame my weight on my parents, I made those bad food choices myself. Was I educated? no, but no one was stopping me from asking questions or following through with weight loss programs. No one was forcing me from exercising, or getting off my fat butt and working on the problem. Fast food did not make me fat, me eating the food made me fat.

The more I accepted the more it aggravated me to hear other people. It really hit me recently with the shooting in Tucson. People were blaming the shooting on the crazy right wing, or because of some map posted by Palin. Seriously? These people were shot by a crazy person making choices of his own. You can't blame a map for murder, you can't blame the person thousands of miles away who created a map. The only person to be blamed is the shooter. What ever was happening in his life, whatever the circumstances, he made that decision. The decision was made by one person.

Some could argue influences, but really, if a map can influence normal everyday citizens to shoot people, then we've got some major problems. People have reached their limits with politics and are taking it to another level that I could not recognize. I have reached my level with politics and have chosen to put it out of my mind. We give that authority to let it go to that level. We have let these people get this over inflated sense of ego, that they control us. I don't have the answers, I don't know who has the answers, all I know is that this is going to get worse before it gets better. I said many years ago there will be another revolution not too long away. I don't know when and I don't know what will be the breaking point, but it's getting there.

I listen to these crazy law suits, I listen to people at work, I read these stories on the Internet (which all true right?), and all I think is that if people would stand up and take responsibility for their own actions this world could be a much different and better place. I listen to people complain all day long in the banking industry about how we're taking their money, how it's our fault they don't have money and while the banking industry as a whole does have it's problems I can tell you that I've been dealing with my own finances for the last 17 years and the problems I've had were my own doing. It's so much healthier and less stressful to just accept your mistakes and learn from them instead of screaming at innocent people and blaming them for problems you created yourself.

Think about how wonderful customer service could be if the industry was able to spend their time helping people in tough situations instead of spending all of their time calming people down over situation they created for themselves.

To be honest it's time for us all to pull up our big boy/girl pants and get the heck over it and move on. Life is too short to be spending so much time being angry and hateful to people that are not to blame.

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