Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things I need to learn.

1. How to say no. This includes employers as well as coworkers.

2. Stop taking everything so damn personally. The entire world is not about me, sometimes it's about other people.....sometimes.

3. Not every friend I've had for years is still worth the time or effort. Being a friend of convenience is not something I care to be.

4. number 3 repeated because it's worth repeating over and over.

5. When making dishes, be sure to have all the ingredients on hand.

6. Getting more sleep would be valuable to my mind, body and soul.

7. Friends aren't always going to get along, and the ones that can't play nice aren't really your friends.

8. When planning something, always expect the unexpected.

9. Doing things out of guilt never turns out good.

10. I can't save the world, and I can't always fix everything.

11. I shouldn't rely so much on lists.

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