Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't you get it?

I just can't understand why people don't understand how badly they disrespect others when they have been asked countless times not to do something, and then just do it anyway, time after time again. How many times must you be told? Are they really disrespecting me or do they just not care? Or do they just not think?

I just wish they could live in my shoes for ONE day, just once to deal with the problems that their disrespect causes me, and deal with thinking of the potential HUGE financial difficulty they could cause me.

All in the name of tobbaco? I mean really, I'm a smoker, I understand the need. But you can't just light up where ever and when ever you feel like it. Not when you're here, not when you're INSIDE my building that already has a warning against it. One complaint and it's a $500 fine, who's going to pay it? Your nicotine fit is really not worth it to me. Get your ass outside, or in the areas I've told you about thousands upon thousands of times. I spend 11 hours a day here and don't seem to have a problem not smoking where it's not allowed by law, and yet you're here for 10 minutes and can't seem to face the reality of the situation.

"It won't happen to you" Really? It already has, must I hang the warning letter up to be a constant reminder to you what this could do to me? Can you seriously not go 15 minutes without lighting a damn cigarette? I'm a pack a day smoker and I can deal with it, I can handle it. Why must you just walk all over me and use this place as if you pay the bills? I have asked, commented, demanded that you not smoke in those areas, how many times must you be warned? I don't even want to hear you complain about kids not listening, it's where they get it from!!!!

What are you going to do when I'm no longer here? When you're little hide-out aka hang out is no longer available? Will you look back and remember how great you had it when you drove me insane? Will you think about how glad I'll be to be rid of it all and not have to deal with this shit anymore? Yes, you have treated me like family when I'm at your home, but this is different, this is not just my home, this is my business and you may as well just piss on the front door for all the respect that you have shown it.

How much grace can I show you for such a simple request? Why must there be smokers who think the world is theirs? We as smokers have to share this world, and abide by laws that cost the owner money!!! It's no wonder why people hate smokers so much, it's because of smokers like you who just don't get it, who don't understand common courtesy, to even your fellow smokers!

I pride myself on being the most respectful smoker I can be. If I'm asked not to smoke somewhere, I don't....EVER, it's just a sign of respect.

There, enough of that rant, I needed to get it out of my system and this is the only place it won't cause world war 3 in my life.

When will I learn to stand up for myself?


  1. oh, and it damn well better not be julio

  2. No julio only follows suit. If R lights up then julio thinks it's o.k.

    Which is second to the most irritating.

  3. You are within your legal rights to throw them out of the store...

    Or just buy a squirt gun...