Monday, November 10, 2008

Funny story

Jake called attention to the hot boy on the new banner that I finally took the time to put together, it's a personal picture I took of a man named Rich.

I was in Waikiki beach for vacation a few years ago, staying right on the beach. Behind the string of hotels is a boardwalk running along the ocean that leads out into a public parking lot and public beach (technically all beaches in Hawaii are public). I took a stroll one afternoon just checking out the hotels and the hotties on the beach and just taking in the great ocean air, the sun was shinning, and who am I kidding, it was hot as anything! I get down past the hotels and start walking the beach at the more public area and see a little spot up on the parking lot that would be a great spot to get a picture of Diamond Head across the water, so I head up there.

Once on the parking lot I nearly got side swiped by a guy on a bike, he maintained control and stopped his bike and looked back at me and apologized. Well at least I think he apologized, I didn't really hear what he was saying because I was entranced by this man, He came over to make sure I was alright, and I was fine. He asked if I was from around there and I told him I was on vacation just getting a shot of Diamond Head. He must have felt bad for nearly killing me (a little dramatization) because he struck up a conversation about Diamond Head and gave me some ideas of good places to get some really cool shots. He introduced himself as Rico, but his friends called him Rich.

I just couldn't take my eyes of this man, he was as close to perfection as I had or have ever seen. His bronze skin, his eyes that were the brightest blue I had ever seen, and lets not forget the rest of him. ;) We chatted for a bit and he offered to take me around the board walk and buy me a drink. I let him and off we went. After a drink or two he offered to take me on a tour around town, he would occasionally grab my arm, or put his arm around me and come in close to tell me certain things about the island, I was in love. So after the tour of the town we headed back to the board walk to watch the sun set, we sat on the beach and he would inch closer to me minute by minute and soon he had is arm around me. We sat like that while we watched the sun sink slowly into the horizon. He asked me a question and when I turned my head to reply I got caught in his eyes. He was gazing at me, and I found myself caught up in the moment. He leaned in closer and closer as my heart beat faster and faster, could this really be happening?

No, of course not! Who do you think this is? That's what I wish had happened, or at least what happened in my mind all day after my encounter with him. lol. The story was true all the way through to the look back to apologize. After that he went off and I took my pictures of Diamond Head, but on my way back towards the board walk I stopped for another shot with the beach, the water and such all in the shot, but when I was playing with the zoom I realized out on the waters edge there was concrete something or other and a really cute boy laying out on it, in next to nothing as you can see. I did get my shot of Diamond Head, but I would be INSANE to not snap a picture of who I recognized as Rich.....I don't even know if that's his name, but it sounded good to the story lol. Don't worry, I was all stalkish about it, thanks to the great zoom on my camera I maintained proper stalking distance and blended in with the crowd.

It was a good day in Hawaii.


  1. Okay so you had me for a moment. ;-) LOVE the story though and you should totally develop that into something more in depth. You ARE a great writer! :-) And I have a great editor for you if you need one. He's reading some of my stuff right now -which is killing me because I never let people read my stuff.

    I just love that pic. And I just assumed that it was a copy-paste from someplace online. Very nice work and not just 'cause of the hottie in the pic!