Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So last night at work I realized why I don’t like that place, it’s the constant competition. If it were competition with their jobs I would be o.k. with that, in fact I would encourage it. But it seems to be the younger generation wants to compete on who the biggest bad ass is, or who the biggest drunk, or slut is. I can’t understand this constant need to one up each other in the most inept ways, and please stop with all the over dramatic statements. “Oh, I have to go home because I have a migraine” No, I’m sorry, if you had a migraine you would be crying with the lights and sounds that are in there, you would not be jamming to death metal and banging your head around. You sir, are just a jackass.

I listened for an hour last night of them telling stories about drinking, one of the new kids listed off about 40 liquors (repeating more than half of them over and over) and how he drank a bottle of each and blacked out for a week. I just laughed, if you had that much to drink; your skinny ass would have died. But this is the kid that is a self-proclaimed psychopath, a hired gun, an ex-gang member, fluent in 13 languages, and the highest trained karate guy, next to chuck Norris. I mean really? How much shit would you expect the average person to take. He’s a twig, no muscle tone, and has no common sense. He has no comprehension of the English language, let alone 12 others.

It seems like every single new person we hire has something to prove. They have to top the story they hear or they will be losers. Then they start to ask me, I just laugh and walk away. I told him one night, “Those that talk the most about it, have no freaking idea” It didn’t seem to shut him up. But it’s true; those that talk most about all their sexual conquests…are usually virgins. Those that tell the most outrageous drinking stories…. are usually drunk after 2 beers…or they were at the parties I used to attend in college, some of the people up there could live up to parts of their stories.

I finally asked the one girl last night who is always quiet and doesn’t talk about herself in such a way, why it was so necessary to talk big? She didn’t have a clue. Now this girl is no saint, she had two kids by the time she was 18 with a deadbeat father who is in jail right now, where he belongs. I have seen her at a party or two and she knows her stuff. But what I admire her for, is she shows up to work every day early, she does a great job, she’s not outspoken, she works her ass off to provide for her children, and has a social life she doesn’t talk about at work. Why can’t they all be like that?

When I was growing up centuries ago, I guess we did the same thing, but I guess I consider it different when it’s not life altering situations. We would talk about who had the biggest hot wheel collection, who could climb the highest, who could hang on the monkey bars longer. In high school it was different things with different people, but the people I worked with in high school, the people that worked where I work now, only 14 years ago, it was just…. so different. The people I worked with back then were some of the smartest people in my class, even the older people that worked there weren’t druggies, we only had one person there that had legal issues. These kids today are ALL on probation for one reason or another. Requested days off are all for court dates, meetings with the parole officer, going to jail for two weeks, their babies daddy can’t pick the kid up today, it’s just unreal.

I wonder if it’s just there or if that’s really the direction society is heading? What has happened to family values? Work ethic? Respect for your fellow man? I just get lost in the whirlwind that is happening. Kids are exposed to way too much way to early, and so they are trying to grow up faster and faster. We were all like that, we couldn’t wait to drive, we couldn’t wait to be on our own. But seriously, they are in a rush to be slutty, they are in a rush to have children, they are in a rush to be the first of their generation to file for welfare. I find it sick that these kids have no ambition to do anything but mooch off the government. Welfare is there to help those that are in need, to help those that are having a hard time getting on their feet, or are going through a rough patch. It seems around here that Welfare has become a way of life, they know they don’t have to work because their parents never did, they don’t have to work when the government gives away free money every day. I feel like this is how society is going, what’s going to happen when the people paying for all this free money stop working? What’s going to happen to these kids when someone finally restructures the welfare system and cuts them off? I get so angry some days.

In other news my roof is nearly done. The contractor finished up his part of it today, and I’m happier than you could ever imagine. It’s done perfectly, and since he was coming in under the estimate he went ahead and did some extras we talked about and came in right where he said he would. To the penny. What I love is that he did what he said he would do, and then did more, the crew was great, the work is better than I ever imagined, and it’s paid for. I love it. The sad part is I spent thousands on repairs the average person driving by, will never see. But it will be nice to not be able to shower in the grocery department when it rains; it’s a rather awkward situation. LOL.

We are now pricing out the options for the front portion of the store that people do see, I can’t afford to do the original plan, but we’re going to make it look great anyway. I’m just really trying to tap into my thrifty creativity to figure out what sign I can put up there after we take the old one down. The old one is causing leaks in my entry and it’s not pretty. I have some ideas, but I have to run them by my father who will be building it. I think it’s going to be great. And the money I’m saving on doing the front differently will allow me to complete nearly all the rest of my projects inside and out, and finally this place will be transformed into something new and beautiful.

In three years we’ve taken this place from dump to treasure. With my creativity, and my family and friend’s ingenuity we’ve accomplished so much, and I couldn’t be happier. Now if the damn thing would just turn a profit! LOL. Oh well, one thing at a time.

I think I’ve rambled on enough for now.

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  1. It is rather scary what this generation of kids are like. I hope and pray everyday that I can do a better job raising my three.

    And do you think I was one of the smartest kids in our!!! Just joking!

    Did you know that I have a new blog address?