Sunday, November 2, 2008

35 miles an hour.

I was dressed warm, layer upon layer, the engine roaring between my legs, mud flying everywhere, soaring, soaring through the air at a mere 35 miles an hour. One does not realize just how fast 35 miles an hour can be when you're driving in a car, but on this 4 wheeler, open to the air, nothing between you and nature, 35 miles an hour can be so fast. Leaping from bump to bump, sliding around the corners, flying through the forest, sloshing water out of your path, my heart beating fast, my laughing inside of the helmet sounding as loud as the engine outside of my helmet, hearing the water splash away and feeling the mud coating my legs, through three layers of clothes, people watching with thumbs up and laughing and cheering loudly. There is no other world, there are no other sounds, there are no worries, there are no regrets, there are no thoughts, other than one single moment, the moment of nothing but life. The feeling of nothing but pure excitement, thrill, and adventure.

Today I went on a 4wheeler adventure in the state forest, not too far from here. I had such a great time. When I first arrived at Eric's he let me take it out for a spin to get the hang of it, he lives out in the country surrounded by fields. I took off and had such a great time, it was all flat land, but driving out there, out there with the wind in my hair heading no where, it was a feeling I can't describe. The whole day riding around without a care in the world. I'm not one to run around and get filthy, I'm always dressed too nice and I was told as a child over and over and over, that you shouldn't get your clothes all dirty, you'd ruin them, but today, today I prepared, I got my already ruined's pretty much all I own anymore. LOL. I didn't care, I got filthy, I was so covered in mud I scared people in the parking lot! I didn't think about the store, I didn't think about love, I didn't think about lonliness. I didn't think about finances, construction or family problems. It was just pure freedom from thought, well that's not entirely true...I did have to think about how fast I wanted to jump the next hill. LOL.

I had a great day. I could do that more often without a doubt.

So anyway, this week they are supposed to be starting my roof. I'm not even sure if I've mentioned the new roof on this blog yet or not. But the leaky roof will finally be fixed. I went on Friday and signed the papers and picked up a pretty big check, more money than I've seen in awhile. I'm afraid if they don't start and finish the roof soon I'll be tempted to go buy other stuff. LOL. It will be nice to have the dang thing finished finally, I just hope we can complete the project this week. It will be the first professionally done job in/on this building in over 60 years. I'm sure my brother and the crew I could assemble could do it, but I want this one to be done professionally, I want this one done fast and easy. I didn't want to skimp on this project, and thanks to the bank, I didn't have to. So yeah. :)

Other than that, there really hasn't been much going on. Just try to keep going every day, putting one foot in front of the other and just keep on going. There is much to do, but depending on the day I'm either out of energy, or money....but I'm used to that. LOL.

I really didn't have much to say, there are some thing ruminating in my mind as of late, but today just cleared it all up, or it pushed it aside for another day, whichever, I feel good. :)

So anyway, that's all for now!

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