Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a great weekend

Weekend meaning Saturday and Sunday. I don't include Friday's on my weekend unless I actually get to do something. ;) But any way, onto the weekend...

So the plan was to work Saturday morning until about 2pm when I had a friend coming in to watch the store so I could head up to Michigan to Shelly's wedding. It was going to be a tight schedule, but I figured I could do it as long as I was ready before I left, checked in real quick at the hotel and jumped the shuttle to the service, I figured it would be o.k.

Well I'm getting ready at 5 till 9am to open the store and the front door chime goes off, I just figured it was my brother and finished getting ready. I went to go out into the store and the lights were on and Jen was standing at the counter. I nearly freaked out, she looked at me and asked if she had the right day...I told her I was surprised she was here early. She decided that since her kid was gone for the day and her husband was busy for the day that she would come in and give the whole day off! I was so excited.

So after I wrapped my mind around the idea I got some errands ran I wasn't sure was going to happen and got to spend a few minutes supervising the building of the cabana I designed. I got to leave early for Michigan and stop and get a carryout order from my favorite Thai restaurant and got to check in early at the hotel and take my time getting ready up there.

I hooked up with Leigh Ann's friend Cara and jumped the shuttle to the wedding. What a wedding it was. The ceremony was simple and elegant, no flowers, they used feathers instead and it was beautiful. The dinner was even greater, the food the company and the entertainment were beyond expectations! And the open bar helped. I thought I would avoid dancing, but by about 11:30 I had more than enough liquid courage and everyone but our core group of LTU friends were left, so we danced it up on the dance floor. A bunch of white boys looking like they were having seizures and the girls laughing at us, we had a blast.

After the D.J. and the band were done we jumped the shuttle back to the hotel, which made it all the better. We decided that we apparently didn't have nearly enough to drink and the best man was having an after party at the hotel so Leigh Ann and I went and had a blast. When I finally decided I had enough, sometime in the early morning, or late night, I headed back to my room. A few minutes later Leigh Ann showed up and we proceeded to stay up talking until around 5am, it had been too long since we were able to catch up, it was great. She headed back to her room and I passed out, suddenly at 8am I was awake. I decided I was still drunk and fell back asleep. An hour later my body decided I had slept enough. I lounged around in my awesome hotel room watching t.v. and just lounging, it was great. Leigh Ann and Cara came down a few times and we all chatted, and laughed at Leigh Ann who seemed to be a bit hung over, I wasn't, I'm not sure why, I had more to drink than the rest of them, I guess that doesn't bode well for me. ;)

So about noon I took off and came back home. I helped my dad and brother with more of the cabana construction, then came home and fell asleep. Now I'm not tired....again. What a cycle. LOL.

So anyway that's my weekend, it was so great, new people, old friends, and great times. I love having weekends I'll always remember, another one of those times that will be forever engraved into my mind. I love it!

So that's all, have a great one!

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