Monday, September 29, 2008

I finally got the opportunity

After many times of trying to find the time and place to come out to L, I finally did it this weekend. We were up chatting for quite awhile. She came to my room because she had went away with a very cute guest and did what the single drunken bridesmaid is known for, she messed around with him. It's just not her style, and I should have tried more to convince her of that before she left with him, but he was just too cute and she seemed to know what she wanted.

So later she comes to my room because she regretted it, and because he was an asshole. He told her he was going to get some ice and didn't come back. I probably could have seen that coming if he didn't have an ass that wouldn't quit, but lust is blind at times. LOL.

So I'm consoling her and she starts with the "I'm an idiot" conversations that happen in situations like this, and I'm not sure what compelled me, or made me think it was appropriate timing, but it was just the two of us finally and it felt right so I leaned over and offered my consolation...."You're not an idiot, I'm gay and I would have done the same thing with him" She took to screaming in no time. LOL.

Now I am not one to complain about any of my coming out stories so far, they have each been wonderful, nothing going badly and everyone making me feel good about myself, so those that are reading this that I have come out to, take no offense to this because each relationship is different, but L's reaction was so different and so awesome. It might have been my favorite moment so far. We were up for another two or three hours talking, she has been by far the most inquisitive, it was like a flood gate of questions and answers was opened, and it's been the most honest I've been in quite some time, and it felt wonderful. Not that I'm going around lying about everything, but her questions hit on topics no one has yet, probably because most of you wouldn't want to know the answers, but L is like that. Our relationship has always been so different than most, not better, just so different. The conversations are different and the topics take on so many different directions and level of openness is just different. Not that I hold back information, but her questions are so different.

We haven't had a really in depth conversation like that in awhile and it was so liberating, I've been on a high ever since. It wasn't all about me, but it opened a flood gate of information from her, I kept laughing asking her why she didn't tell me when she thought I was straight. But I guess there are just somethings that women don't think straight men wouldn't understand or want to listen to, not being one, I couldn't tell you. LOL.

What she thought was so funny was she said her friend C told her I was gay after five minutes of meeting me 8 years ago and she laughed at her. Her friend C was with her that weekend and came over to my room this morning and gave me a great big hug and congragulated me on my "gayness", we got a good laugh out of that one.

I just feel so good right now, I can only hope the rest of my experiences are as good as the first ones.


  1. Man, I'm behind in your blog! You've posted a few and I need to catch up! ... so yeah, women can't talk to straight men about a LOT of things! They either don't comprehend it or don't care to listen at all.

    I'm glad you've had another excellent coming out story! I'm so happy for you!

  2. :sniff, sniff: But I thought your coming out to ME was the best.



  3. Each reaction is a little different, and these really good ones temper the not-so-good ones.

    It's always great to have someone you can open up to on some level. You may be able to speak openly with this person about things you aren't comfortable telling B or your brother. Yet you may open up to B about things that you can't with this friend.

    You're right one the mark with the ladies though. A fair majority of them, when they discover you're gay, put you in the "safe" category. Since you're no longer a threat to them, they don't hold back anymore. Sometimes it means you get WAY too much information. Sometimes they ask you to judge their boobs. Most of the time, it just means you get to experience them on a deeper level, which always beautiful.

    Kudos for a great post, and congrats on a relaxing and fun weekend!