Tuesday, September 23, 2008

F**k you cloud

I get it, you're more powerful than me, you win.

F**, off cloud, F**k off.

Temper is flaring, tears are forming.

You win again.

I hate you.


  1. Pete, Remember the post when you looked at how far you'd come. Remember that please.
    Remember that your worth isn't in the amount of money you have, the success of your store, or even the number of your friends. Your worth is found in being the cherished and chosen son of an Almighty God that loves you without condition, without limit, without end.
    It will get better. I promise. It WILL get better.

  2. I remember, it was just a small part of it this time.

    The rest was just crazy self pity, self defecating, stupid stuff that I now have to sort out, or get over, one of the two.

    I'm o.k. now. :) or getting there at least.

  3. Ok, I would like to point out in the most well intended and loving way that you said self defecating.

    Please allow me to cite dictionary.com:

    to void excrement from the bowels through the anus; have a bowel movement.

    I believe you wanted:

    to depreciate; belittle

    I'm SERIOUSLY laughing my ass off over here! My actual question is, if you don't normally self defecate, then who does it for you?

  4. Ok, so my comment isn't about the blog, it's about the comments...

    and might I say ...