Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh the little things in life.

Oh yes, there are little things in life that make it so much fun. There is nothing I love more than visiting someplace new, driving down a new road, experiencing new things, big or small, it doesn't matter, I just get addicted to the feeling of newness. So I went golfing for the first time. It was nearly as bad as I thought it would be, I actually kind of liked it. Of course it's going to require some practice before I attempt it again. I made good contact and sometimes good distance, but I had no idea where the ball would end up, all I knew was that it wasn't going to end up on the fairway. :)

Another first I had was driving a golf cart, Oh, now that was my favorite part of the day really, those things are just soooo much fun! S thought I was trying to kill him, but you don't know how to really drive something until you know how it handles right? Sorry S. :) Besides being WAY to cold out we had a really great day golfing, and I learned why people love it so much, it's very relaxing to be out there.

Another first happened the other day, I got to ride a go-cart for the first time! And let me tell you, as much as I fought driving it, I had a freakin blast!! I cornered that thing like it was on rails!! There was just something so soothing about speeding around that track out in the open country. I loved it and had so much fun, I actually took pictures of all of us out there, as soon as I get them off of my camera I'll have to post a few, it was great.

The same night as the go-cart extravaganza I got to use a chain saw for the first time, I didn't think there would be much to it, but it's amazing how much aggression you can get out of your system cutting stuff up! Don't worry no humans or animals were harmed in this experience, we cut fire wood, it was great!

New experiences are just like nothing I've never felt (duh, obviously), there is something about the excitement, or the learning that I just love so much! It's what I've been missing lately, new people, new excitement.

There are days I get so tired of being me, days I want to step away from myself and allow myself to do things I wouldn't normally do. I've been talking with B about setting boundaries before that kind of thrill seeking goes a bit too far, and I think she made many valid points. I think I know where to set my boundaries, at least in that realm of my life. :) Thanks B.

But really, there is no other greater feeling than something new, that's why people buy new cars, or build homes, or have so much fun with new friends, a new love! It's just the same with the small stuff, I'm telling you!

So the store has been pretty crazy this week, and while I may be exhausted, I'm so happy about it. I love this time of year when the weather breaks and things just start taking off. Graduation parties help, but even when those are out of the equation things have been good this week. Had the gas company not just punched me in the head for the next six months I'd be alright, but as always something came knocking me out of a good place. I'll just swallow it down and keep moving on like always, somehow, someway God keeps me going, he keeps giving me just enough to keep going.

So I made a girl cry last night apparently. And the horrible thing is......I don't care. She over heard a conversation and thought she heard something that I didn't say and was crying. I didn't say what she thought I said, I said worse. But it's nothing I wouldn't have said to her face had she asked, or had the conversation come up around her. I don't believe in stepping on eggshells for someone who is awful, she's a horrible worker and an annoying person. There people think I took on this job to make many times can a 31 year old male be friends, or would be friends with a 17 year old female and it not end up in the news somehow? I have enough friends, I don't require to make VERY young friends at work. That's why I keep my private life, private. If I wouldn't talk to them outside of the store, why would I fill them in on what's happening with my life?

The conversation she thought she heard was that I was telling another crew member I wanted to fire her. Now I stopped doing this years ago because I don't have the authority to fire ANYONE there, so I stopped saying it. So this was not true. What I DID say was that I never would have hired her back in the first place. She was a HORRIBLE employee the first time, why would we hire her back? And yet we did. We could hire a chimp to do her job faster and better. 2 hours to do the close...2 HOURS!!! A new person could have the whole place clean in 45 minutes without training. And she wonders why I don't like her. It's nothing personal, I don't like her enough to care about her personally. My job is to get her to get her work done faster and better, and she's a lost cause.

I had yelled at her five times last night to get off her ass and get to work. Every time I turned around she was standing around talking, or staring off into space, or doing anything other than what she was supposed to be doing. And I hurt her feelings? Where do the feelings come from? I don't get paid to baby employees, it only makes my job harder. If you can't do the job, quit, please, by all means make my night better and quit. I could have done her job AND mine and been out of there faster. I'm sorry, if you can talk like you're old enough to take care of yourself, then PLEASE DO!! Other wise, shut up and get your shit done.

I can only be nice about this stuff for so long, but when you've been doing the SAME job for over a year and you still don't get it? I lose my patience, learn to deal with it, that's who I am. If you are nice, and I can tell you're really trying, I'll cut you more slack than anyone will know what to do with, but if you're just plain lazy, sorry, you're out of here.

Wow, don't I sound like a heartless bastard, but lets be honest, we've all had rough days, but after a year and you still can't do the job? Any where else in the world and you would be out of a job. I don't like making people cry, but sometimes it's just a part of life, you think Wendy's is hard? Wait until you get a harder job with meaner people. It took me many years of supervisor positions to let it all go and just do what I'm being paid for, if that makes me a hard ass, well guess I'm a hard ass.

Well now that that's out of my system, I can move on with my night. Not sure what's going on, all I know is it won't be a late night (famous last words) I've been running on 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night and I'm getting tired. It's been a LONG week.

have a good one.

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  1. Lazy people drive me CRAZY! They've usually got an over-inflated sense of entitlement to go along with it too, and that just makes it oh-so-much worse!

    I enjoyed experiencing your "firsts" through your eyes. New things aren't always scary, or so I'm told, but actually rather fun.

    How you made it this far in life without ever having been in a go cart, I don't know...but they're one of those things in life that can bring out the fun-loving kid in all of us, regardless of age. Now if they'd only make them more comfortable for tall people!