Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Well it's been five months since my last update so I thought I would update everyone on what's happening here at the store. Not much really.

Tax season is over and Hoop's accounting had a record year, he's very happy that he's moved in and will be around all year round!

Studio South is doing well and growing, they hired their fourth stylist, so give them a call and let them transfrom you! 419-592-1012, any of the girls can help you, they all do such a wonderful job!

Since the update we have welcomed another renter into the Mohring's building. AFLAC. My neighbors moved their office from Toledo into a nice little space next to the beauty shop and have been quite happy. It has been nearly three months since their arrival and the space is beautiful! If any of you are interested in carrying AFLAC for yourself, your family or the company you work for let me know. In the next two months I will be becoming a licenced insurance agent and joining the AFLAC team to supplement my income and I look forward to a new challenge. Give me a month or two and give me a call and I will be able to set you up with whatever you may need.

We are still meeting with one more possible renter and discussing renovation plans/ expansion possibilities with a couple of people so things are pretty up in the air right now with the remaining space of the store. We have completed the renovation on the new kitchen and it works quite well and is a great space to be in. In another few more years this place may be just what I wanted. :)

Sales are sluggish, but so is the economy. I just broke my catering record by doing a funeral for 325 people. No job is too big or too small, bring them on as I love doing the trays.

We have some outside work that's finally going to be getting done this year, some basic building maintance but it should help the outside of the building. The girls in the beauty shop will be installing a new sign on the corner and will be painting the outside of their space, it should be really nice.

We in the building are trying to plan a big chirstmas open house to invite the general public in and view what's here. We have so many services and people still don't realize we're here, it's sad really. With the price of gas the way it is, you could still drive across town and buy your deli meats and cheeses to pack for lunch, and STILL SAVE MONEY!!! I just wish people would realize that.

Other than that there hasn't been much time for anything else.
Stop in and see me sometime!!

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