Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yes, what a crazy word huh? But I'm so filled with it right now I could just explode. I get myself so worked up at times and I think......"It's no wonder this is one of the seven deadly sins"

I know, weird thoughts at times, that's me!

As I sat next to him....talking to him.....he thought I was listening, but all I could do was stare at his lips and think......"One more drink and I'm going to make out with him"

I just wanted to grab him and make out like a mad man, but that's not who I am. I'm an internal creature, the life I lead in my head is way crazier than the life I live on the outside. If people could really see inside of my head I'd have to card them. :)

I'm reaching a point where if I don't get to touch someone, or kiss someone I'm going to just go crazy. I'm not talking erotic touch, I'm just simply talking about holding hands, or leaving my hands on a chest, something, anything.

Last night a guy at work tried freaking one of our coworkers out by grabbing my hand and interlocking our fingers and holding my hand. It worked, they freaked out, he laughed, and I laughed on the outside, but on the inside it felt so wonderful, it felt so great, it felt right. Not with him, but just in general.

I need sleep.

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