Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good things

I usually fill this blog with sad and depressing things, but this entry is going to be good, nothing but good!!!

So today F called me to tell me he was looking at his beautiful baby girl named Carris (not sure of the spelling yet). But yeah!!!! She came a few days early but I've never heard him happier, I just can't wait to see her! 8lbs. and some change and 19" long! I just can't wait!!!!!!! I love being fun uncle Pete!! Woot!!!! As much as I don't like children for a good 10 years of their lives I really love it when babies are born, they are so tiny and just so darn cute!!

Last night I had a GREAT night! Had some good food, good neighbors and just had a merry old time!!! I was at the neighbors, and while I stayed up WAY past any person's reasonable bedtime and I'm paying for it today, but I had such a great time! It was the perfect ending to a very odd day (mentally--side note: when you have an anxiety disorder, do NOT drink energy drinks!) There are so many things that I could talk about, but I really don't think I want to tell the world exactly, they aren't all stories everyone would understand. :)

I was also invited to attend a 40th. birthday part for my friend's husband, it was last minute and I won't be able to go, but the interesting thing was what he wanted to do for his birthday. He wanted all the guests for the party to meet at their house and all drive down to the mission and volunteer for 4 hours to serve lunch to the homeless. I thought that was the coolest thing! He's quite the stand up guy to begin with but this really put him over the top in my book. I really wish I could join them tomorrow, but we're having our end of the season bowling party tomorrow and I, yes I will be on the .......ready for it? course.

Yes I'm going to go golfing for the first time ever. I doubt I'll do much golfing, but they all swear I'm learning....we'll see how that goes. And then we're coming back here for a bar-b-que blow out, depending on weather of course. : )

Well that's really all I wanted to say, it just felt good to be able to do an entire entry on good things! Woot!

Have a great weekend!!!

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