Tuesday, November 6, 2007

K the Wine Lady

She's not a wino, nor does she have a shopping cart that keeps her belongings in, but she's different. The first time I met K I was taken back quite a bit. I felt myself overwhelmed by her energy and her love for God. She is another born again, which in most people can bother me, but for her, it's like her saving grace. She's got a big heart and will help anyone in need. She had another customer in tears one day because she asked what was wrong, I guess she just saw something and gave them a hug and the talked for what seemed like forever.

She can very freaky at times, but she's a good person. She has tall tales also. I'm never quite sure what to believe from her when it comes to her personal life. It's always something different, and big stories and long drawn out situations. I've heard from several others that she is a pathological liar, but I honestly think to her these things are happening. Her mind is making her believe that these things are really happening. I just smile and nod and try to keep up with the next big idea, or the next big job, or why they fell through.

I listen because she's a good person. I listen because that's what I do best, I listen. She's a great customer and has brought me new business, so how could I be mean to someone like that? She does nothing to hurt people and she's good to me, to me that's a good person. She comes off a little over zealous at times, but she's just excited about it, there is nothing wrong with that. She keeps feeling guilty about buying wine twice a week, I told her there is nothing wrong with it. If I had the time at night I could easily finish a bottle myself.

Anyway that's K. She's a good person and has been good to discuss religion with. She's got answers, not always that I agree with, but I let it go, she's excited about God, I'm not about to be someone to put a stop to that. It's not about how you find God, it's just that you find him, in your own way. ; )

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  1. What are her answers?
    Moreover, what are the questions?