Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The hardware Department has sold!!!

When I bought this business I aquired about 2000 square feet of outdated hardware supplies with it. These items had been on the shelf for the last 10-15 years and hadn't sold. We organized it all and filled another space with it all and priced it at 50% off. We continued the sale for several months and dwindled down to a smaller selection that we then moved and continued the sale. We had gone up to 75% off, but when we moved it we just repriced everything to move.

I had taken much of the good stuff and donated it to several different organizations and wrote it off. I did a "bag" sale, where you fill a bag for $2. Things had gotten down to be managable. But the last year this stuff has just sat there collecting dust. I had decided that as of December 31 I would box everything up and have an auctioner sell everything at a consignment auction in the spring and whatever I got, I got. Well last night a family friend came over and made an offer for all the remaining merchandise in that department. After some haggling and some thought we came to an agreement and I finally unloaded a crap load of unwanted hardware.

This hardware has been holding back several projects as it takes up so much space, and now that the time is coming to get to those projects the space will finally be available. I made enough off of the sale that I will be able to rebuild the much smaller and much more managable hardware department. We are streamlining everything. We will have what you need for basic projects. We will no longer carry specialty items, or hand tools or large items. We will carry all the small pieces one requires. I'm very happy about the sale. Finally after two years this unwanted crap is finally going to be out of my building, how could I be sad?

One of the guys that were part of the sale is also going to find me a cheap vehicle that is mechanically sound to get through the next few years. I'm very excited. He's well known for his knack of coming across great deals on good vehicles. As sad as I will be to see my dream car be hauled away, it's time to move on. It's time to let it be and continue on to the day I can afford my next dream car. For now I just want a small pick-up. I'm actually really liking the idea of a small pick-up, I can haul stuff on my own then. No more borrowing trucks or waiting for people, I can just do it myself. It's more of an independence thing.

So anyway that's what's been happening here at the store!!

Hope everyone has a great and happy holiday!!!

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