Saturday, February 7, 2009

short one today

I've had this song stuck in my head today and wanted to torture the rest of you by getting it stuck in your head as well. :)

I updated the colors on the blog because I was bored. Hope you like.


  1. Ha, remember when I used to post links on your myspace? The family guy episode that had Jo asking Mrs. Garret what she should do when her boy and girl parts touched each other, and Mrs Garret was all..."WHaaaaaT!?"

  2. OH yeah, I still laugh about that every time I think of the show! LOL!!!!

  3. I finally signed up for a reader, and at the end of your post you said you changed your colors... so here I am at your sight anyway.


    (Just busting your balls)

  4. Colors must be important to you. lol.

    I knew that all along, that's why I did that AFTER you got your reader posted!!

    muahahahahahahahaha!!!! LOL.