Monday, February 2, 2009

General information. :)

Hello people! How nice of you to join me on such a wonderful Monday....o.k. so it's just been a Monday. But I recently took my happy pill and life can resume at normal speed again. :)

They are finally picking up my car today! Which means I get the rest of my money today! Woot! Now I can finish fixing the truck, or course it won't happen this week as there is just too much other stuff to get done. This week we are making prettles which is an all day affair as well as making 325 pounds of pork sausage patties for the fireman's breakfast on Sunday. My brother and a couple of my friends picked up and butchered the pigs for me already. It is sitting inside of my cooler waiting to be seasoned and ground up and then pattied. It's going to be a long week.

We do the sausage for them every year. I did it because I thought it would bring in more business, but sadly it doesn't really do me a bit of good, but at least it makes me some good money. :) Money is in need around here at the moment. I have faith I will survive, God has seen me through harder times, every February as a matter of fact, he won't let me down anytime soon. Loaves and fishes as I like to say, just when you think it's not enough, somehow it's just enough.

I just had to double check my car to make sure everything was out of it, they are picking it up yet tonight. I'm kind of sad to see it go. Eileen was the best. It was February 2002 and my little Red Geo Prism with 192,000 miles was finally about to die after 7 years and the 191,933 miles we drove together. I knew the time was close so I went online and started looking for a new car at the dealership back home (I was living at school in Michigan) and found Eileen, she was a beauty and the price was exceptional! I called and scheduled a test drive for that Saturday and when I got home my parents surprised me and picked her up early so I could take her out for the weekend. It was love at first drive. She was my dream car, the body style, the way she rode, I had to have her. It took some doing, but I finally got her. Together we shared nearly 100,000 miles of happiness. We saw 10 states together and she treated me well, and I treated her well. It was love. But sadly she can no longer provide me with a safe and secure ride to and from and had to pass her on to someone with the knowledge and parts to bring her back to life and get another several years out of her yet. Good bye ole girl, it's been a great 7 years. I'll miss ya.
So yeah, that was a little bit out of context, but it was just happening so I went with it. :) I've always had such great luck with cars they become like a part of me. I think out of the 4 cars I've owned up to this point I've only spent about $2000 at most on upkeep of them all, and it was never anything major, just parts here and there sort of thing. I consider myself very fortunate. :)

So anyway how's everyone? How about that game last night? Now I don't really care for NFL all that much, but it was a fantastic game, I was happy about that at least. I was not however very happy that the Cardinal's were not able to pull it off although I was sooo sure by the end that they were going to do it. But sadly their defensive line proved me wrong. Oh well, it's just a game.

It was a rather dull weekend, but it was alright. I didn't rest as much as I wanted, but that just never seems to happen anyway, so why keep fighting it? I was talking to my sister on Friday night how I'm starting to feel like a hypocondriact. I am always trying to look up diseases to explain why I'm so tired all the time. I can fall asleep anywhere at any time. I've even fallen asleep in the middle of a conversation......while I was talking! That's always a good one. lol. I rattled off the list of diseases I thought I had and how she's in charge of my burial because she's the executor to my estate. She just laughed at me. She recomended that when I get a chance to live a normal life again with a sleeping schedule and all that to see if I'm still as tired as I am now and if I was, THEN go to the doctor, but until then it's because of my schedule and to get over it. lol. I listened to her. I'll figure it out.

I just always imagined that after awhile the body would just naturally adjust to the amount of sleep and times of sleep that it gets. I guess if it's not getting enough rest then it's just going to keep getting tired. It's not like me to get like this, but hey, we all have our moments right?

Well anyway, I really forgot the real reason of this post, so hopefully I'll think of it sometime and be able to post it. Until then, I guess you'll have to just live with what you get. lol. :)

Have a wonderful day!!!

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