Thursday, February 12, 2009

A bonus for Jake to make his day.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a blog with
25 random things about you. At the end, choose people to be tagged. You
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That's right, another 25 things for those of you with the address to this blog, it's an evening of getting to know your host. lol.

1. I can't wait for the day I can merge the two blogs I maintain and maybe let people into the side of me they have never known.

2. I'm so very thankful for those of you that come here and read my sometimes randomly boring posts. lol

3. I'm amazed how someone I was so infatuated with for the last two years can become so ugly so quickly.

4. Worse yet, living through this situation has made me realize just how ugly I could possibly be if I caved to my temptations.....turns out I live in a glass house.

5. I'm not sure I could be really happy if I found a sugar daddy, but at this point, I think it might be nice to try. lol.

6. I've been in a pretty severe battle in my mind lately with some of my demons and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out, I'm not always willing to accept them as demons.

7. I realized tonight through conversations I've had that no matter how my family takes it, I know my grandmother M. would have loved me for being gay if she was still around to hear it, and it brought a smile to my face but made me miss her even more.

8. I can't wait to move to Cinci and yet I find myself delaying packing. Something about counting chickens before they hatch or something.

9. While repairing my laundry room in preparations of selling we found a new problem and I'm not sure what to do, hide it? Or leave it.

10. I find myself giving up and already moving in my mind and have to constantly remind myself if I don't keep this place running it won't be worth squat.

11. There is something in my heart that tells me this place will not be on the market for more than 6 months, but parts of my brain constantly contradict my heart.

12. I could really use a good make-out session right now.

13. I only had 2 drinks tonight and I cut myself off because I fear sometimes if I don't keep control that it will become a problem.

14. Although his father says he deserves no forgiveness for what he's done to his family, I can never believe that, there is always room for forgiveness.

15. I am proud of myself for staying as far out of the situation across the street as I can, but still be caring for friends in trouble. They may be a mess, but I love them all.

16. I look at much of the drama in my life and wonder if that's what I'm most attracted to, and it worries me for my choices in the future.

17. I hope to be more self confident and vocal this year and not allow people to push me around.

18. I pray that I find the peace in religion I've been searching for. Peace with God I'm working on, but peace with religion is not nearly as easy.

19. I hope that when I do move that my great friends around here will make the effort to visit me from time to time.

20. I knew all about the internet sale of underware that Cody reffered to that night, not that I participated, but was afraid of being judged so I played it cool. ;)

21. I'm much more aware of the freakiness and graphic gay issues out there than I'll ever let on to.

22. Writing #20 and #21 made me feel a little dirty, but then I remind myself I am who I am, and regardless of what I've exposed myself to in the last 14 years I'm a different person than I once was.

23. Typing #22 made me realize it was almost 14 years ago I was first exposed to my very first web page at all, only 14 years ago I never knew what the World Wide Web even was, and yet 14 years later it is responsible for so much growth in my life and for some of the greatest people I now have in my life.

24. I'm feeling older the more I type. lol. I'M GOING TO BE YOUNG FOREVER!

25. this is actually #50, and it was really difficult. LOL.

I won't tag anyone again, I really just needed a new post. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


  1. #18 You don't need to find peace with religion, God is bigger and much more important then anything organized by man

  2. I've been lazy about commenting, so here ya go:

    1. Only if you still post as much!

    2. Life is in the details. What is boring and monotonous to you is sometimes refreshing and different for us.

    3. That's why we all have to try not to put people on pedestals in our mind. It's so easy for them to fall off.

    4. We're all capable of very ugly behavior.

    5. I used to joke about looking for a sugar daddy before I met Cody. Turns out, even though he's not financially wealthy, he has taken care of me more than in a materialistic way, and that, my friend, is priceless. I'd still like to find someone to give me cash though...

    6. I'm just going to nod my head and give you a "I heard that..."

    7. I feel the same way about my dad's mom. I like to tell myself that she probably knew it before I did.

    8. You don't have to count chickens to pack your stuff. Consider it a way to clean house! Besides, the longer you live without some of it, the easier it is to toss it when you realize you didn't need it anyway.

    9. Talk to your realtor. You may not have to fix it, but I'd definitely disclose it. It would suck to have this follow you.

    10. Patience, Daniel san.

    11. See number 10.

    12. LMAO! Sing with me! "What the world, needs now - Is love, sweet love..."

    13. This is my world. I have to be conscious of my weaknesses. The fact that you admit it to yourself is a sign of your strength.

    14. Well, our other Father agrees with you, and that's what matters.

    15. That's what they need the most right now.

    16. LOL, I've removed the drama queens from my life so many times, but someone is always there to pick up where they left off.

    17. Repeat after me: "No."

    18. You might find the only peace you need is to agree to disagree. That's a good starting point in a lot of situations.

    19. Me too. Having made a big move, I've seen what people are capable of in regard to this.

    20. This has piqued my curiosity a great deal.

    21. It's hard not to be aware when you've got a computer... Not that I would know or anything.
    I'm just saying.
    Stop looking at me like that.

    22. I'm thinking if we all judged each other on past behavior, we'd all have to turn our comments off. May not be fair to speak for B like this, but I know we've both said and done a lot of stupid shit that we're not particularly proud of.

    23. I remember going to a friends right after they got "online" when I was still only 18-19. I had my own computer shortly thereafter.

    24. You and me both. If I could just get my body on board with that...

    25. You made it! Thanks for the extra list.