Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a week.

Well it's been quite the week, so much of a week that I hardly had time to post or read up on anything. I feel like I'm so far behind on everything! But honestly I'll get back into it all, it happens this time of year. I had a rough week with lots of orders and things to get done and while it was good, it was just so exhausting! But it's over, it's a new week and after such a refreshing weekend I'm ready to take on the next week.

This week I had to prepare 19 fruit baskets for the fire department. It's been a lot of scheduling and ordering and such, the baskets are filled with things I don't carry in the store, which isn't always a good idea, but it makes me money, but I do what I can. It took quite a few days of planning and such, and was rather nerve wrecking, but the pay off was worth it.

This weekend I had the pleasure and the great opportunity to take a day off and head to Cleveland to visit with my cousin and his family. It was also the first voyage with my truck! It did very well I must say. I also must say that on my way I found myself driving into a town that seemed very familiar for some reason, as I started looking around trying to remember a sign with the word "Whirlpool" appeared. I was in Clyde. I had only been in Clyde once before, but in the last two years I have met many people from Clyde and have learned a ton about Clyde and I must say it brought a smile to my face to think about all the Clyde peeps in my life now. Clyde was a little bigger than I remember.

The trip was mostly awesome, it was a route I hadn't taken before and once again this weekend it was snowing when I left. It snowed nearly the whole trip there, but the roads were surprisingly good except for a few spots. I slid through the intersection half a mile from my cousin's house, but I made it just fine.

The weekend was so relaxing. Friday night we got to catch up and just spend some quality visiting time. My cousin Andy and I have always been very close, we had our birthday parties together and traded off spending the night at each other's houses, our birthdays are so close we were instant friends. Life happened and things have drifted. He moved, I moved, but it's always good to get together and catch up. In the last several years he added his awesome wife Kristen who I was the first of the family to meet and knew in the first three seconds that they were meant for each other. 17 months ago they brought into this world Gus, he rocks. Those of you that know my aversion to kids might understand how much weight that comment carries. lol.

Anyway, I'm moving away from the weekend. Saturday we talked about their house that they are hoping to remodel next year, and I was there to help. We talked details and then I did some measuring. Now of course I have hundreds of ideas running around in my head, and hope to get to put those to paper sometime in the next two weeks. Saturday evening they took me to a Japaneese Steakhouse. I had never been to one and it was freakin awesome! I had a combo of Shark Steak and Swordfish and let me say it.was.amazing. The atmosphere and the company just rocked! (I sound like a child of the 80's). After the awesome meal we headed back to the house for cocktails. While enjoying the adult beverages we played Simpson's Clue, if you've never played, you're missing out. We had quite the night/morning.

Sunday Gus let us sleep in until late into the morning, I haven't slept that soundly in quite sometime, it was great! We got ready and headed to Chipoltle, yum. Then Andy headed to work, I headed home and Kristen and Gus headed off to her parent's. The trip home always seems longer than the trip there, but I made it. I discovered the truck does really well on trips and it was just what I needed. Last week I was just so overwhelmed and stressed out and really crabby. I very much needed two days off, and loved it.

I was sorry I wasn't able to meet up with Jake and Cody for lunch or something, hopefully the next trip can accomodate a trip to the east side to visit with them too! It's hard to believe it's nearly an hour to the other side of Cleveland!

I'm not really sure what this week has in store for me, I really don't even want to think about it until tomorrow, I've enjoyed this little vacation too much! I know I have to work the next several days at Wendy's since I took the whole weekend off, but I'll survive. I also need to get this store cleaned up and organized, things are slipping out of hand again. It will be alright, all I need is patience and motivation, which will require a list, but that will come in the morning. I'm off to bed early tonight.


  1. Just you wait, Matthew will start calling you Uncle Pete and it will be impossible to have aversion to that.

    Talk about cute.
    (ok, ok. I know I am biased)

  2. He's on the my favorites list, don't worry about that! lol.

  3. Boo! You were here and didn't tweet me? I'd have come out there and bought you lunch yesterday ya goof. Oh well. Someday.

    So glad the truck is working out for you!

    And hooray for family friends! I've only got a couple cousins like that, and I treasure them.

  4. I do regret not getting together with ya jake, but by the time I got there the whole weekend was planned out.

    There will be a next time, I'll be doing some design work for them and will have to go back out probably in the spring to meet with them.

  5. So, when are you going to drive that truck on out here to Portland?

    ;) you can bring Jake and Bethy too.