Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to post and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas this year. May the season bring you love and happiness.......and some fun stuff too. lol.

I would also like to share a couple of stories with you to start out the holiday right.

TRUE story #1:
And gentleman came into the store this morning and the following conversation took place:

customer: Oh you have Tamales! (reading the package) Pork Tamales by Tia's Mexican Food

Me: they sell really well

customer: Do they have pork in them?

Me: stunned silence......uh, yes, that's why they are called Pork Tamales

customer: Oh, I just thought it might be a clever name, do you make them?

Me: stunned silence, mouth slightly agape......uh no, that would be Tia's Mexican Foods

customer: oh, I thought that was part of the name.

Me: sounds of me slamming my head in the cooler door.

yes, things like this really happen.

TRUE story #2.
This took place last week just as my mother finished our christmas wish on our reader board out in front of the store. I had just finished with one customer and headed over to the deli to help the next customer, but on my way I wished the last customer a Merry Christmas on their way out. As I started to slice the items for the next customer this conversation took place:

customer: I think as a business owner that was very irresponsible of you.

me: (a little confused) um, what?

customer: How did you know that customer wouldn't be offended by you saying Merry Christmas? The proper greeting is Happy Holidays.

me: Well as a PRIVATE business owner, I don't really need to concern myself with political correctness, this is my home, and customers that are offended by my Christmas greeting should just translate it into whatever they want.

customer: Well as a consumer I expect stores to not offend me when I go to them. I'm a christian and all, but I don't go around wishing people a Merry Christmas. I also wouldn't be displaying a nativity scene, not all religions even believe in that. (noticing my beautiful nativity scene on the deli case)

me: Well as a person who owns this business and invites people into my home, I don't expect to have to walk on eggshells around other people's religion. I find the greeting Happy Holidays offensive, and yet I don't argue with someone when they say it. As a citizen of this country I do believe I have the right to believe what I want and display what I want based on my own religion. Customers that come here don't need to believe what I believe, but shouldn't be allowed to make me take down the symbols of Christmas that I hold so dear, after all, I pay the mortgage, not them.

customer: Like I said I'm a Christian, I just find that people are not tollarant enough to other people.

me: Tollerent? That's what you call political correctness? Well around here it's Christmas, it has always been Christmas, and always will be. Until the Federal government pays my mortgage, I don't have to be P.C.

customer: Well I just think it's a mistake to go around offending people all over town when you own a small business.

Me: (as I'm finally ringing her up) Well that's your opinion and you're certainly entitled to it, but I don't have to agree. I think you should read the reader board on your way out today, it's a special message just for you.

Customer: o.k., just think about what I said.

What did the sign say you may ask?

"Have a very merry blessed Christmas"

P.C. can kiss my a##.


  1. Merry Christmas, Pete! Hey, do you have a dragon? Maybe I should get you a dragon and you could name it Elliot... and he would be Pete's dragon! HAHAHA! I crack myself up.

    I hope that you have a relexing CHRISTMAS tomorrow. :) I think you and my family would get along quite well. Umm.. in case that sounds odd, I mean that we all have the same feelings about Christmas as (so, i totally almost wrote ass there. Umm, I hope you don't mind that I wrote ass. Dang it! I said it again) opposed to holiday.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas. And a happy Kwanza too.

  2. People are stupid.

    Merry Christmas, P!!!