Monday, December 22, 2008

Party Party Party

Last night was our manager's Christmas party where the managers at Wendy's all go out for dinner and drinks. It's a new tradition we started last year and it turns out really well. We never all get together to do anything, so once a year we get together and catch up and swap notes as well. We always have a good time and this year was no different.

Afterwords we went to Scott's for the after party and had a good time as well. We played some beer pong and then made our way into drama central. I just sat in the corner and talked to Jobe and we avoided as much of it as possible. lol. We did end up having some good conversation later on, which doesn't happen too often, but is always good when it happens. It was a LONG night/ early morning, but it was worth it.

Today I went out Christmas shopping finally. I got it all done.....I think?.?.? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm done. Now I just have to start wrapping. I did happen to shop a little for myself with some gift money I recieved last week. I got myself a new pair of shoes that I've been wanting, a new MP3 player for the truck and the unit required to play it through the radio. It felt good to get a few new things I've been wanting, and it felt good to get my christmas shopping done all at once. It could have been better had it not been 4 degrees with 20mph winds, but beggers can't be choosers, you know?

I came back home this afternoon and had lots of cooking to do for the crew party that was tonight. I cooked two roast beefs and sliced those up, and then made 2 loaves of Olive Cheese Bread and 60 stuffed jalapenos. The olive cheese bread was the talk of the party, everyone just loved it, and the peppers were second on the list. I'm the only one that put any effort into anything there tonight. It took me about 4 hours to get everything cooked and it will take another four hours tomorrow to clean up the mess lol. But it was good, I hardly have any food left! I'm getting really good at this cooking thing! lol.

Well I really don't have much to say except it's dag gone cold!!!!!! I tried to get into my car today and nearly lost fingers to frost bite, it's covered in 2 inches of snow and 3 inches of ice under that. I have things in that car that I don't think I'm going to see again until sometime in March. I really should have cleaned it out before the weather hit. If I get it cleaned off I'll have to put a cover on it during bad weather until it's sold, Eileen just doesn't enjoy the weather, she's been spoiled for a few years now. I also have gas in the tank I need to burn up. lol.

Have a great day!

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