Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I should think before I rant.

I was just ranting a little in my head about how no one has been updating blogs lately. It wasn't directed all at those of you who read this, but at the 50 or so blogs I read from time to time. Honestly I can never get to all 50 in one sitting, but I've run out of material, and then I realized it's been almost a week since I blogged last. Who knew that Thanksgiving could make a person so busy!

So Thanksgiving was a wonderful day, it was exhausting with WAY too much food, but it all went so well. I buried my head in the morning and went with my parents to have dinner with my dad's side of the family. We don't have a good history with them and if you ask my brother or sister if they wanted to go, they'd both answer with a solid "Why on earth would I want to go and share a holiday with "those" people?" But the first year I had decided not to go my Grandmother appeared in nearly all my dreams telling me how disappointed she was that I wasn't going. I really decided I was done with the haunting and have gone the last two years. It was uneventful as usual and then headed home to go to the neighbors. They invited me over to be a part of their family, it felt nice. We had a great dinner (well I was eating light, still had a third dinner to attend) and just had a great time. Then I headed over to our anual family reunion. If everyone showed it would be nearly 400 people, all kids and spouses of the original 7 siblings of my grandma. It's amazing, it's been happening this way for well over 50 years now, and sadly this year I think was the last.

On Friday I worked like usual, although I'm not sure I'll be doing that again, I was so slow it wasn't even funny. Friday night I didn't work at Wendy's so I headed over to B's parent's house to meet up with B and her friends. We had a great time! We soaked in the hot tub for quite awhile and then I smoked them all on Wii bowling. Then B and I together schooled her friends in tennis. What can I say? When it comes to virtual sports, I kick ass. ;) I got home late that night and woke up a few hours later with the flu. It just wasn't pretty and not how I planned on spending the

On Saturday there was an auction going on that I had some interest in. By the time everyone was ready to head to the auction I had second thoughts because I still wasn't feeling good. My stomach was in knots, I had already puked a few times, and I just wasn't feeling like going out. But I went anyway because it was a chance to finally get the vehicle I've been needing. I wasn't sure how much longer my car would last. The auction was so cold and after 20 minutes I was done. I went and took a nap in my dad's truck while we waited for them to get to the vehicles. I got out there in time and bought myself a new (to me) truck. It's nothing to look at really, it has rust, it's not shiny, it's beat up a little, I mean it is an 88. But the engine is in great shape and it had fewer miles than my car! I got it cheap too!

By the time I got back from the auction I was ready to call it a day, but I was still working the store, and at Wendy's too that night. I ended up calling off from Wendy's, something I NEVER do, but it was bad enough I did. I ended up closing the store a little early because it was so slow and laid down on the couch, fell asleep and slept for nearly 17 hours straight. I must have needed it because I woke up the next day feeling like a million bucks!

It's been a long week already. Trying to get my store decorated for christmas while my brother has been removing the ceiling panels from the grocery department causing a big mess. The panels are now all replaced but the store is not nearly done being decorated. There are only so many hours in a day! It didn't help that I've had a lighting fiasco with the new christmas lights I bought for my tree, but it's all been taken care of. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to finish decorating, well at least I better because all these boxes laying around are about to drive me up a freaking wall! I'll try to post pictures of my christmas stuff as well as my new truck! As soon as it's all done.

The truck needs some minor work like a few bulbs need replaced, oil change, new wiper blades and the transfer of my stereo, and the new seat cover installed before I'll be selling my car, but I'm so excited!! I love that truck!! I've always wanted one, and now I finally have one. :) Then I'll have to find a sucker to buy my car. I'll miss my car, it was my favorite car I've had so far, but it's served it's purpose and now it's time to move on.

This weekend is work work work. I'm so tired, hopefully I'll survive the week. lol. I guess I should start christmas shopping sometime too. lol. Next weekend I'm traveling to Cleveland for a design job and hanging out with my cousin, so I'm looking forward to that, hopefully the truck will be ready to take by then because my car has been making me a little more worried than usual lately.

Well it's nearly time to close this popsicle stand and get ready for Wendy's, oh joy oh rapture. Hope you're all doing well!!!


  1. Last thing's first: If you get your truck fixed and drive it to Cleveland, make sure you have weight in the back!!! Not sure if you've ever had a truck, but without weight you're screwed!!!

    I'm of course jealous that you got to hang out with B, but I get to see her (finally) this weekend!!!

    I'm so happy you got a new vehicle! I hope it works out for you.

  2. Boys Boys! There is plenty of me to go around! (and I mean pleeeeentty!)
    To bad you both couldn't come down this weekend, I'm not sure what we would do more, laugh because we're all so awesome or cry from having deep and meaningful conversations!

    Plus, Pete, think of the scandal if I showed up to church with TWO men!