Monday, December 8, 2008


So much has happened and so little updates, I know, I'm sorry. You'll either get over it, or you'll just delete my blog from your favorites.....I know how presumptuous of me to assume I'm on your favorites, but hey, it's my blog, I'll dream all I want. LOL.

First of all, my truck. From the looks it's not really all that much to look at for most people, but I'm so happy with it. We need to fix the brake light and a few other cosmetic things, but it has less miles than my car, and runs better than my car. It's rather shocking really.

We have big plans for the truck, my uncle wants to give it a fresh coat of paint, I just want to install my stereo and put my new seat cover on and start driving it! It has an extended bed, so it has the bed of a full size truck, which I love. I've already used the truck to haul the other thing I was blessed with last week.

So Thursday I got a phone call from my mother. Seems there was a member of our church who was looking to give away...yes give away a 40" t.v. to someone who would get some good use out of it, and my pastor thought of me. I'm not sure why, but that man thinks of me often for things like that. So I gathered up the people and we went and picked it up and brought it to my house. That t.v. is a beast! It's huge and HEAVY!!! It took four of us to carry it, and now I'm having a hard time finding a stand to withstand the weight. I think we're going to build one. I've never designed a piece of furniture before, so it should be interesting. I've got it hooked up on the floor right now, and I know it has to be raised, it's just too low.

It's so strange to think of myself as blessed because of material things, but the truck came at a time I could really be thrown a bone. Things are getting tight again and the truck came in at a good price and is in very good condition. The t.v.? well i don't get many luxuries anymore, so I accepted it, what can I say? ;)

This weekend I got the opportunity to surprise a friend of mine. Bethany was having a house warming party that I wanted to attend but my schedule at the time was not forgiving enough for me to manage a trip down there. Well as luck would have it, things changed and I was able to drive down and surprise her and attend the party. Oh what a party it was! I haven't laughed so hard in quite awhile, it all felt so good. I finally got to put faces with names, I finally got to meet people I feel like I've known for a long time over the internet, but now I know them in real life, and they are all just as awesome as I expected.

It has just been a whirlwind of activity and up until about 5 o'clock this afternoon I didn't even notice. This evening I've been feeling suddenly overwhelmed with everything. So much to do at the store and the numbers are starting to scare me again. This winter weather is causing all sorts of problems with my sales, the slowing economy doesn't seem to be helping either. But I just have this feeling that I'm going to be alright, I think people call that faith. It's just rather overwhelming right now, somedays it all just piles up.

Next weekend I'm heading off to Cleveland to visit my cousin and his family. They want to add on to their house hopefully in the spring or summer and want me to do the drawings and the design! Woot!

Well it's late and I should get to bed, I have other things to say, but they will have to wait, I need my sleep. ;)


  1. Yay! New truck that runs!!! Send one of those my way please!

  2. I'm so glad you got a chance to surprise Bethany so we could finally meet in "real" life!!!

    We had such a good time. I just wish we had been able to spend more time with you guys.

    Next time...