Saturday, August 2, 2008

My favorite actors

O.K. so enough with all this seriousness in life, lets talk actors!!!

I was reminded of my crushes lately with a few of the movies I've caught on t.v. or dvd, so I thought I'd discuss them here.

First there is Luke Wilson

To be honest, I hadn't really seen him in much until I saw him in Legally Blonde, and I just fell in love, or was it lust? hmmm....... anyway, how could you not love that smile! His facial expressions could melt me, I swear to you. The way he always wears his hair, it just makes his face stand out that much more, and to see him shirtless? I searched and didn't find one. Oh well, some things are better left a mystery.

Now we move onto Matthew Mcconaughey. There are many who don't like him but there is something that is so innocent about him. He can be so rugged and beautiful all at the same time. I found tons of very hot photos with him shirtless, but if I'm going to blog about it, I think I should be a little classier than that! This black and white photo is just perfect. I love when he has the 5 o'clock shadow, there's something about that, that just drives me wild! I had seen him in a few movies, but it was his very first interview on Letterman that really just had me, he had just bought his first house in L.A. and he was just captivating, it could be those eyes, I have a thing for eyes.

And now, for one of my favorites. Starting from Northern Exposure, which is a show I didn't really care for, but I watched it for him. John Corbett. He also played Aiden Shaw in Sex in the City and I just loved him. Each character the man plays has the same kindness, loving quality that makes me want to be part of the t.v. world and get to know these characters. I can't vouch for him personally as we've never met, nor would we ever, but I just adore this man. He's so cute, and vulnerable and I couldn't find a half dressed picture of him anywhere! That's virtue in hollywood, because I know he's done scenes in SITC shirtless, but I can't find any of them. He was enough for that whole season. But what sparked my interest back up was catching Raising Helen last night at a friends house. Oh he just melts my heart as Pastor Dan. Who could not love him?

So those are just three of them really, I have a long list, but I can't always remember their names or what movies they played in, I don't have a memory for that sort of thing, but when I see them I know. ;)

Saturdays are so boring so I went out on a search to find these men. Now if only I could find some real ones that I could actually meet, maybe Saturdays wouldn't be so boring anymore.

I contacted the real estate agent finally and we're going to be getting together to start forming a plan and discussing options. I just can't wait to get out from under this thing.

Anyway, have a great weekend!!


  1. Matthew Mcconaughey
    I do not like his douchebaggery, not one bit. Naked bongo playing aside I'm sooooo over this one.

    But I guess that just means more for you....


    Go there. Nice Luke Wilson shirtless shots. :-)

    Matthew McConaughey is so frickin' HOT! I think most people don't like the fact that he doesn't shower very often -I actually know a few people like that, and they don't wear deoderant but they don't stink, so who cares? And in my opinion, Matthew McConaughey can do whatever he wants! :-)

    And I love love LOVE John Corbett. Did you know he has a band?


    oh and I know it's a Hillary Duff movie, but Raise Your Voice is worth watching for John Corbett! and of course My Big Fat Greek Wedding is nice too. :-)

    "I'm a sexy man of God, and I know it." -Pastor Dan in Raising Helen