Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm so bored.

Yes, it's true, I'm bored. I've done the dishes, I've cleaned the deli. I should be cleaning the office, but that's just too depressing. It's just shifting bills from one pile to another, knowing I can't pay them. I've gone back to sticking my head in the sand so to speak about bills, not answering calls, not opening mail, that sort of things. It's reminisent of the days of bankruptsy. It's not quite that bad, but it still feels like it.

Fair week has come and gone. Thank goodness it has gone. Fair week brings all sorts of things usually. Most of the time it's good sales, good customers, and long hours. This year was long boring hours, horrible teenage customers, vandalism, shoplifting, attitudes, and dropped sales. Oh what a week of stress that was. I busted two shoplifters, one of them I have the video of her was a 13 year old stealing a bottle of booze. While she did get scared and put it back I posted her picture for all to see, and word got back to her and her family and her aunt came in to verify it was her. She ended up calling me and appologizing, expecting me to just say "it's o.k." I let her have it, then I thanked her for calling, and wished her well in her future, hoping she doesn't keep going on this path, otherwise she'll be as worthless as the guy she thought she was stealing for.

I just can't get through to any of them. I've become the cranky old store owner they think they can take advantage of. I'm striking back finally, I'm showing them that I don't put up with their crap, their parents might put up with it, but not here. I've banned two kids from even entering the store for the next month, I've asked three kids to leave and put shoes on before entering again....and the great thing is, they did! When will these parents figure it out? I didn't always listen to my parents right away, but these kids treat their parents like they are servants! If I talked to my parents like these kids do, I would have had my ass beaten so bad I wouldn't be able to sit. But sadly parts of my generation think they had it so rough that they refuse to spank their child, as if it's abuse. So it's no wonder these kids don't know boundries, or right from wrong, or about respect. I think I want to start a kid boot camp, I think that should be my new dream. :)

So last night was the first time in nearly 14 days I had time to sit down and just be. I didn't want to talk on the phone, I didn't want to really have to talk, I just wanted to not listen to the buzzer, the bells, the kids, the grown ups, and I didn't want to help anyone, or to serve anyone, I just wanted to be. And it was glorious. I got some pizza and just laid back and watched some t.v. I felt incredibly lazy, but I got over it.

Financially things are in the toilet again. Fair week did more damage than good, which is NOT how it's supposed to go, in fact I'm worse off now than I was before fair. It's not pretty and I'm not sure if I'll still have gas or electric services by the end of the month. I'm going to have to stop ordering much, I need to horde the sales money for a bit to get caught up. I also need to speak to the bank about refinancing and putting stage 2 of my changes in motion. Stage 1 is in motion and I'll be getting more information next week hopefully. Once everything is in place that needs to be in place I'll be sure to fill everyone in. I just can't wait for it all to be finished.

Lately I've felt the need to go out again, to let loose and get a bit crazy. It comes and goes, but I know being cooped up in here during fair has a ton to do with it this time. And now I have no time to go out. Go figure right? Tonight is my first night back at Wendy's since last Wednesday, I haven't missed it a bit. But cash is cash, and I need some really bad right now. Now that fair is over I need to start working my insurance gig, I was hoping to be trained by now, but it just hasn't happened, they schedule the times when I can't go, and are almost shocked when I say I can't leave. I just don't know when people will fully understand my schedule.

Oh well, such is my life at the moment. I can't wait for Labor Day, as I will be taking off two whole days! I'll be off on that Sunday and Monday. The past previous years sales have sucked and people didn't realize I would be open, so this year I figure, why should I be? So I'm taking it off. I had planed on going to visit some friends in Kentucky, but sadly those plans aren't going to work out, as the gas money to get there is more than I can afford right now. So I'm not sure where I'll be or what I'll be doing. I'm also taking off of Wendy's!!! I told them I would be going camping. Every other manager took all the rest of the holidays off so this time I figured it was my turn! :) Woot!

Well I think that's all, I'm still bored, but I'll just go back to my computer games.


  1. I'd say come to Portland, but I'm going to be in San Francisco. You can still come to Portland and hang out with my parents though... if you were brave enough.

  2. Hooray for consecutive days off!!!

    We need for you, Katy, Bethany and myself to all win the lottery at around the same time. Then we can all take a vacation together!!!