Saturday, August 2, 2008

Do you know what that smell is?......change, that's what.

Yes, change is in the air, I'm taking the appropriate steps to make changes in my life. I have no idea how fast they will happen, or exactly what the changes will be, but it's coming, change is coming.

In the last few weeks here at the store, it's been an emotional roller coaster, which honestly is just about every week. We got the central air hooked up to find out it didn't work, one of the main tubes in the compressor was cracked, so it had to be junked, and yes I had to buy another one. Talk about not happy, but really, what could I do, I had already invested in the new furnace and the new A-coil and all the duct work, I had to finish it, otherwise it would have been an even bigger waste of money. So we finally got it all hooked up. It's helping a bit, it will take awhile before I can really feel the effects, but I really can't wait to be able to heat the store this winter.

So the day we finally finished that I noticed my beer cooler was running warm. Turns out it was low on Free-on, so we had the guy out to fill it and check it and it all seemed good to go again.....then yesterday I found the beer cooler to be running high again, so I made another phone call and he came out this morning to check it out. Turns out a main tube in the evaporator had a hole in it and was leaking all that free-on out of the system before it cooled anything....once again....not happy. So he spent the morning tearing it apart and seeing if he could fix it. I'm happy to say he was able to repair it, it's not the prettiest of repair jobs, but I'll be honest, if I had to replace the evaporator all together it would have been over $500, so I was happy he could fix it.

So with the equipment failures these past couple of weeks I've been a very unhappy person, and all that on top of stressing about getting the funds to buy the products I need for fair week which starts in seven days. I'm starting to hate this place a little more everyday, I need to find that old feeling of hope and ambition I once had. It's funny how in three short years things can change so much.

I have also been starting my training for the AFLAC company and being overwhelmed by the amount of products and things I'm having to learn, I've had to back off and start with one policy at a time. I'm hoping to get out on Monday and learn some more about what the heck I'm doing. I have set up a group to sign up after fair week, I'd like to know what I'm doing! ;) I'll need the money because I'm taking a week off of Wendy's for fair and the money I make from fair is going to be needed to pay bills and replace the fan motor in the dairy cooler......:( so I'm going to need some insurance sales to cushion the blow.

Other than that things just swirl around in my head so much I get dizzy. There have been topics I've wanted to blog about, but I have lacked the capacity to get them out of my head before they get fuzzy and I lose focus on them. If I'm not working then I'm trying to find ways to relax, mean time everything else just starts falling apart. Someday I will learn to balance it all, but I have no idea when that will be.

The other night I was out having a midnight swim and I began watching the ripples in the water as I moved through it. No matter how little I moved there were always ripples cascading across the pond, it was amazing. I began to think about that no matter how small the problem, it's ripples it's way through my life. I allow it to just take over, just the smallest of problems causes a pond full of ripples, I let it affect my mood with friends, or my conversations with customers, or my ambition at my other jobs. I just can't seem to separate everything. Business should be business, I should be able to let it go when the day is done, but I just dwell on it, and think about it and let it run my life. Oh when will it stop? Now that I can recognize it, how do I fix it? Oh, I don't even know if that makes sense, I get all weird when I'm out on my midnight swims, it relaxes me so much I get lost in thought. I have no idea how I'll get through the winter without being able to swim every night. I'm going to get cranky. I need a hot tub. ;)

Oh just thinking about winter gives me the chills, where did the summer go? It's only the second day of august and already we're talking about winter, how sad is that? I remember as a kid that once august hit it was time to think about school, it was getting closer and school meant the end of summer. How funny that six years later I still can't stop thinking about that. I have no kids and I'm no longer in school. We have good weather for another two months at least! I hate to think about the cold, and the heating bill....blech, I'm still paying for last winter!

So anyway, other than store drama there hasn't been much going on in my life. There isn't much of a life outside of this place to speak of, so no wonder! ;) I'm ready for a vacation, I'm glad I'm off tomorrow, I think it's a day to spend in bed doing nothing. But yet I have the yard to mow, the garage to clean out for the party, my laundry to get done, lunch with the rents, and bills to pay. Oy, I need a day off from my days off!!! Oh well, such is life.

Well I think that about sums up my life as of late, I swear this is the last paragraph. I'm off to do some dishes and maybe catch up on a few blogs.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. don't start thinking about winter yet... or I'll have to sick Bart on you.