Friday, February 29, 2008

Random thinking.....

So this weekend I was reading a book called Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. It's a pretty feakin awesome book. It's basically to me a normal average everyday jo bringing religion into an everyday language. It's really interesting and I came across a portion that really jumped out at me and said alot to me.

I'm paraphrasing but it basically said that single people have a hard time relating to the concept of unconditional love with God because we don't/haven't experienced it in life. He says it alot better than I do, but the book is in the other room and lets face it, I'm pretty lazy. ; )

I woke up from my reading slumber and was like "WOW" that just said so much to me, and helped me feel a little easier about some of the feelings I've been having lately and some of the struggles I've been dealing with. I have only ever really felt that relationship with my parents and siblings. And while there is definatley unconditional love, I've always thought it would be different in a relationship. It's a hard concept for me to understand. In my past it felt as if every fight with the sig. other would be the end, like I couldn't get past it all or they wouldn't get past it at all and we could never move forward. I look at marriages and wonder how do they do it?

How can you get into a screaming match with someone and then just move past it? How do you move past pain? How do you spend the day in the same room with someone you're fighting with? Does it make sense? Well if not tough it makes sense to me. ; ) But I just suddenly felt normal and even a little humble at the thought of this unconditional love. The next step is to aknowledge I'm worthy of such love. It's so crazy I swear. ; )

So the new office space is nearing completion, I can't believe how fast it's gone. TOday they are going to texture the walls, tomorrow paint and next week will be carpet and phones. Then they'll be ready to move in. I still can't believe it. It makes me realize just how slow we are around here, but in my case it's the check book that holds up progress. My projects are always so intense and filled with problems and changes. Hmmmm....maybe it's me? nah, couldn't be. : )

So my love affair of electronics has been hitting some rough patches lately. My DSL is driving me crazy, but I don't think that's my fault. If I restart my modem every 2 hours it runs o.k., but if not it's a total mess and slow as anything I've ever seen. It's such a bargain at $35 a month!! I can't wait until the cable internet gets installed, that will be GREAT! And the digital phones!! Woot! I can't wait to get it all done, I'll save so much and have such nicer service.

Not only has it been my DSL, but my camera has been giving me fits. I can't get one of the computers to recognize the camera and the other one says I have a problem with one of my memory cards. The card reader I have said the same thing. I found a few websites that said I just needed an external reader because of some mother board issues, so I went and got one and it won't take my card. ARG! So I have to return said reader and I'm going to try and get the pictures put on c.d. at Wal-mart through their reader. The camera reads the card without a problem, but the readers in the computer say it's not formated. It's very frustrating as there are pictures I need off of there!! I haven't been the best at downloading pictures, but I'm catching up. That's what happens when you have so many memory cards! So hopefully I can get them off of there Sunday when I go to Wal-Mart. I have a few pics from cinci I would like to post because they are funny and make me laugh. ; )

So I just really had too much energy and time right now not to post a blog. I wish I had more to talk about, but there really isn't. I ran some cable today through the basement and hopefully early next week I'll be running new phone lines to the new office space. I'm learning more and more as time goes on, and with Julio gone for the week I've had to force myself to do this stuff myself. It's not all bad. ; )

So that's really all, if I get thought provoking things in my head later maybe I'll blog again, but my sister will be in to do the books later which means I'll have to find something non-computer to do, you know, like work.

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