Thursday, February 28, 2008

The invasion of the Bee Girls

So yes, it's taken me over an hour to get myspace to cooperate enough tonight to get to the blog. I can not wait for my cable internet to get installed, this DSL crap is ridiculous!!! How sad that I started my internet experience on dial up in 1995. Wow, that was forever ago!! How far we've come.

So last weekend I got away. I had the girls come in and I actually took Saturday off. I have been on vacation from WEndy's for a week and it's been fantastic!!!! So I took the que and went to see L in Western Michigan. I hadn't been up to her house in a couple of years and thought it was about time. Her younger sister aparently wanted me to come up for some yummy food and horrible horror movies, I was more than happy to oblige. ; )

So I made the three hour drive and L took me to her local watering hole that she hangs out in. I got to meet some of her friends and we had a drink and hung out in a very crowded bar (and I didn't freak out!) And then we headed home because she had to be at work VERY early in the morning. I slept in (yeah, it was so difficult) hahaha. When I finally got up her sister ran me up to the restaurant L was working at to have breakfast. I had a very delicious greek omlete, it was FANTASTIC! just like everything I've ever had from Sam's.

We then went shopping for some yummy supplies for supper and we started our one of many many many horrible horror flicks and made fun of them and laughed and laughed. I really can't remember the names of all of them, but there were 2 on each DVD and the DVD's were 5 for $10. They were all from the 60's and 70's and were so funny my jaw started hurting from all the laughing. We did mix it up a bit with a few modern day horror movies.

L's brother came home and hung out with us and we all just had such a great time. She made my favorite dish of hers, Enchiladas from New Mexico, they are da bomb!!! We really didn't do all that much, but had so much fun and relaxed sooooo much. There is just something I love so much about being out of town and away from work!!

Sunday I got to sleep a bit but woke up fairly early, my body is not used to sleeping that much! But I got to sit in the room and just read in peace and quiet. I made great headway on a great book by Don Miller called Blue Like Jazz. I'm just over 3/4 of the way through with it, and I love it more and more as I keep reading. Then we spent the day chillin and watching more movies.

The weekend wasn't all that eventful but it was relaxing and hilarious, it doesn't get much better than that!! I got to drive, I love to drive, I miss driving on trips!!! 3 hours of me time to think or to rock out to some of my favorite music!! I love road trips so much. Seeing the traffic from all the people in a different place, it's so hard to put to words, but it's so relaxing. Driving on highways, new scenery, it's all just so magical to me. Sounds ridiculous I know!! But oh well, it's all me baby!!

It didn't take long on Monday for the stress of my life to set back in. It hasn't been an easy month and I'm going crazy. My anxiety issues seem to be speaking louder to me as time goes on, the older I get it seems the worse my anxiety gets. I know I need to get some help, but time is an issue, that and my constant feeling of bothering people with my problems. You people don't count, you come here willingly! ; )

We have started the updating process of the back room getting it ready for some renters, and it's moving fast and I'm loving it!! It will be done probably by the end of next week. It will be the quickest project we've ever had, and the greatest part is that I haven't had to do a damn thing!! The renter is very handy and wanted to get it all done himself, because if he had to wait on me and my maint. guy (who's on vacation for a week) he'd have to wiat a bit longer and he's ready to move now. So yeah!!

Yes, so Invasion of the Bee Girls was one of the horror movies. Seems a group of women were turning themselves into bees and killing men by having sex with them. We kind of figured out where they must be hiding their stingers. lol. The movie was hilarious, and yet horrible. We played the newest drinking game "Asscrack" Everytime an ass crack was shown on the screen you had to take a drink. Some of those movies could have destroyed my liver had we played the game all weekend, but we were smart. ; )

So anyway, I'm looking forward to getting my tax return back, my uncle did a bang up job on my taxes and got me more money back than I was expecting. Most of it will be put away for a new car, but I have a few things on my wish list I'm going to take care of too. ; )

Well that's really all from me right now. I'm sure I'll think of more I wanted to say, but by then I'll realized I don't have time to write more anyway. I try, I really do try!! Wait, it's not like you guys all post blogs either, so there, how do you like those apples!!! Apples? Where?

WEll honestly, that's all, why are you still reading? Oh you're wating for me to say good bye!!!!!!

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  1. OK first of all I WRITE BLOGS ALL THE TIME! ;)

    Secondly...did your mind stop functioning last weekend like it did when you were in Cincy?