Wednesday, March 3, 2010

working on it.

It's funny. I've only been home for 36 hours and I'm already tired of this. I'm ready to go back to Cinci.

My car obviously didn't want to be back either since it broke down today. It's going to be fixed and it's going to be fine, but it was a sign that even my car hates it here. lol.

I do feel bad because to some people it sounds like I don't want to be around them, but those are just a few, and those few I'd like to take with me.

I'm already exhausted and tired and I don't want to get anything done I need to get done. I'm headed back to hell tomorrow, they have even tried calling me three times today, but since I'm still on vacation I let the machine get it because I refuse to spend time talking to any of them until my vacation is officially over.

In Cinci I had lots of ideas for blogs, but I get back here and they all feel as scattered as this short post is going to be. I need to give them some thought and remember what it was I was thinking at the point I thought of these ideas.

I miss Cinci. did I mention that already?

Sorry, I'm a bit down currently with the the idea of being nit picked tomorrow for the decisions and things I've done to this business. The longer this process takes, the more he has time to nit pick everything to death. I almost wish someone else would swoop in and offer me the same the money to get out sooner because I'd take it and run.

I just need some sleep, too much going on in my head tonight, from the business, to people, to my hot mechanic, the hot carpenter I'm going to be working with for a friend's remodeling on and so forth. ;)

Anyway, I'm going to end this rambling and go to bed. It won't look so bad in the morning, it never does.

Just a little bit longer and I'll get there. I can see the light, I can see the end of the tunnel, I'm so close!

Good night.

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