Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April 13 the future can be released.

Get your minds out of the gutter!!! Oh wait, was that just me? um...never mind.

I received some very subtle hints on facebook from a reader and it took me awhile to figure out what he was talking about....that comes from having too many secrets not released on facebook. LOL!! So I'm assuming he's talking about the business deal. If there are other things I need to update everyone on, feel free to comment.

O.k. so the business deal is on hold until April 13. He came up against a zoning issue that requires passage by the city zoning board. We have met with a representative of the zoning board and he said there shouldn't be a problem. It's an issue with lot coverage. On this lot I am only allowed to have total building space covering the lot of 60%. The current building is covering 58% of the lot, but the smoke house he wants to build will take it to 63% lot coverage so we have to get a variance for it. The zoning guy said he's never seen one turned down. The other part of the meeting is to give the neighbors a chance to voice their concerns about the smoke house. Every property owner within 200 yards has to be notified. I have spoken to all the property owners on the list and everyone is very excited so this is basically just a way for the city to collect an additional $300 dollars in application fees and make themselves feel important.

In the mean time the bank put a hold on the appraisal until this matter is figured out because some of the money they are loaning him is for this building. So once we get approval from the city the bank will then order the appraisal finally and then we can get the ball rolling once again. The time line is a bit obscure because of the mystery that is the bank, lawyer and appraisal paperwork time line. I'm hoping to have everything ready to sign and be done by the end of May. But I know from experience that things don't always work out.

We've discussed somethings for the contract already, but I have a feeling he'll want to negotiate more after the appraisal, which I'm ready for. There are things I'm ready to negotiate on and things I'm not. I know I'm going to pay for part of the roof to be redone and I'm prepared for a couple other repairs, but beyond that it's going to depend on what the appraiser has to say.

So all in all we're sitting and waiting for the city to let us go. We're both tired of the process and ready to move forward. He's got a lot invested and so do I. Just sitting and waiting sucks.

So that's the business update. I don't really want to post anything in my more public forums until the contract is drawn up and settled. The entire town is talking about it, but I won't confirm or deny any of it until it's set in stone.

I hope that's the update you're looking for J!!! I'm not sure what else I can update on. lol.

oh except that I'm planning a very eventful birthday outing. I just can't invite everyone, it might be obvious when my wish for going out involves male dancers. lol. It should be entertaining to say the least. lol. Anyone want to come with us?

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  1. Yippee!!!

    It may be moving slowly, but at least it's moving in the right direction!

    I just don't see why the zoning board can't have a special meeting. Don't they realize who you are?!