Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The post I had planned on writing tonight was just to bad and depressing and humiliating to actually put to words.

I really thank God on nights like tonight that his love is beyond human understanding because at this moment I can only really feel his love. I feel like a true disappointment to everyone else, but I know God's love surpasses all human love.

Thank goodness because otherwise I would feel like a complete ass.

I miss you all that read this, more than any of you can possibly understand.

In the morning I may not remember any of this, which makes me glad that I really know that you all love me, no matter what stupid mistakes I may make in my present.

I love you all. I'm glad I didn't have to drive home. I've failed myself and the promises I've made to myself. But tomorrow, or today is another day. I'm glad my God is a patient God.

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  1. I wish you lived close enough for a real hug.