Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's a routine procedure

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase "It's a routine procedure" and just laughed it off and just knew you were going to be o.k.?

There are many of us out in the world that no matter what "procedure" it is freak out. The neighbor kid went in today to have his tonsils taken out. What the parents were told to be a 45 minute surgery quickly turned into 2 hours. There was extensive bleeding when they cut one out and he had a very bad reaction to the anesthesia. His blood pressure dropped, his lips turned blue and he wasn't able to breath. Even in the recovery while the doctors were trying to figure out what to do he was choking, and still having problems breathing and couldn't stand up.

They finally got him home a little bit ago, he's got some massive pain killers and is supposed to be watched tonight. The doctor said he should be fine, but just to watch him for the night to make sure.

The poor kid was told for the last week by all of us that it wasn't a big deal, it was an easy surgery and he's be back at his antics in a day or two. The poor kid isn't going to believe a word we say anymore, as well as never wanting to see a doctor again for the rest of his life.

The parents were a bit shaken up, but are feeling better. These are the neighbors I consider family and when they filled me in on the details I just couldn't believe it.

It got me thinking, you just never know when your time is up. Every minute becomes so precious, one minute you think you're fine, and the next they are trying to revive you. It just doesn't make sense, but what in this world really does?

I've been trying over the last 10 years to really live as much life as I can. Try new things, meet new people, go new places, and try to appreciate each and every moment. There are days I get caught up in such mundane thoughts, and bad situations, which is all part of life. I can't say I'd ever be that happy obnoxious silver lining person, but I've been trying to appreciate what I have, when I have it. But there are still times I feel like I'm missing an opportunity, or not doing enough with my day to really enjoy it. It's part of my internal battle with sleeping too late, or spending a day alone on the couch, what is it that I'm getting out of that time?

Somewhere there is a line I need to find between living life and exhausting myself. There is a medium ground somewhere, where there is no guilt for doing what you feel like, and no expectations on what living life really means. I would just hate to wait for that turning point in my own life, I'd like to think that when that point came in my life with a scare like that, I'd think, well, I've lived a good full life.

Then there are days when I get so irrationally pissed off at random little things that I lose focus on all that, and I wonder, why? You know, like in the middle of a thought process in writing a blog, a customers walks in and wants something, I mean, duh! ;) What is this a store?

Now I lost my train of thought, so I might as well stop it, not that it was a very fluid thought to begin with.


  1. I bet that middle gound is somewhere in cincinnati.....

    (What? I'm just pointing out the obvious!)

  2. I like Cincinnati too... hmm...

    Love the ending of the blog, and I feel very sympathetic for the little kid. I was sorta the same way. "Oh, we're just going to the doctor to get you checked out and find out what this cold is that won't go away." Then EVERY time I went to the doctor as a kid -EVERY YEAR- I had to get a shot. Then, after about 6 years, we found out that I could have just been given allergy medicine! Stoopid stoopid doctor should have his license revoked! He is the reason I HATE doctors and have a horrible time going to them even when I NEED to.