Monday, October 13, 2008

Exhausting weekend

What a weekend I had, non stop and always on the go. I had a great time, but I could use a day off to catch up. LOL.

Friday night I was supposed to be leaving for Cinci, had this plan actually worked I would have been o.k., but due to some vacations and such at my second job getting that night off as well was just not in the cards. Not to mention Friday morning I get a funeral order called in to be delivered today (Monday) which had me busting my tail all day to get it done, since I wasn't going to be around this weekend.

So I got the funeral order done and closed the store, went to my second job which was awful. The night was so busy, we couldn't get anything done and then the crew got a bit crazy and we didn't end up getting out of there until like 1:30am. I was already behind schedule, so off I went to run home, got my store paperwork done and set everything up for Saturday, went and loaded my car with what I could, tried to chase down my missing garden hose to take to B, but couldn't find it. I finished laundry and finished packing and finally laid down somewhere about 3:30am. I had the alarm set for 4:30am because I wanted to hit the road by 5am. My body didn't seem to want to cooperate with that plan and I awoke at 5:20am to my alarm finally. I didn't move so quick that early, my body was rather upset at me for getting up so quickly. But I managed to grab everything, dropped a few things off in town and I was finally on my way by 5:40am. I had worked on the schedule so much it went smoothly to get what I need done and not be too behind schedule.

The drive down went really well, it was dark, I had coffee, and great c.d.'s to jam to all the way down there. I showed up a little around 8:30am or so ready to go, which was a good thing because B, even as tired as her and N were started going as soon as I was there. B's dad showed up and we began loading boxes, box after box, down a flight of stairs, and back up the stairs....owe, my legs were feeling it after the third trip up, but I pushed on. :)

It really didn't take as long as I thought to get everything moved over. We had two trips with the u-haul and truck, one trip for each my car and B's car. But we got everything over there. It took about all the energy I had at that moment, but it worked. It could have gone better had the couch fit easily into the basement, but it didn't want to make it that easy. So J and I spent at least an hour or so inching that thing into the family room and it finally made it. That couch isn't coming out as 1 piece, if it comes out, it's coming out in pieces. LOL.

The move is probably one of the smoothest moves I've ever been a part of, none of my moves went that well, usually I fly off that handle about some mundane thing and it all goes down hill from there. But this went well, everyone stayed in a relatively good mood and everything got done and everyone was still talking when it was over. I was impressed. B took us all out for a fantastic meal that night and we all had a lot of fun. B, N and I came back to the house and crashed for an hour or so before heading out to meet up with D and S for D's birthday. I met some new people, got to enjoy a new venue the Hofbrauhaus in Newport which was great, and just had a great time! Newport was just crawling with people, it was so nice to see.

We got home fairly early compared to my normal schedule and we all headed off to bed. Sunday was breakfast, shopping and organizing, it was a good time. One of my jobs for the day was to replace the toilet seat in the Master Bathroom, sounds easy doesn't it? That's what I thought at first. Needless to say I spent about an hour and a half getting the old one off using the following tools: neednose pliers, 2 cresent wrenches, a lighter, a pocket knife, a kitchen knife, and a hammer. It was like major surgery, but it was worth it, I freaking won!!!!

The weekend was just fantastic. I had more issues back at the store that I wish I wouldn't have had to deal with, but what could I do? The day person was late opening the store, the night person was 2 hours late, it was just a mess that I had to try and deal with from B's living room. I was rather irritated, but it all worked out in the end, and I got to spend an entire extra day out of this place, which ALWAYS make me feel better. Sadly with the holidays around the corner and bills coming due, I'm afraid I won't be traveling anymore this year unless I can squeeze in a sunday trip here and there, but I'm afraid my weekend getaways may be done with for the year. That makes me sad. :( But I'll survive, I always do.

So I must ask this.....Is it November 4th. already? I'm so ready for this damn presidential race to be OVER!!! I'm so tired of the commercials, of the articles, and of the ads. I'm ready for it all to be done, then we get a whole two year breather before having to do this all over again. This process just takes WAY too long. I just love how everyone is so hyped up about this years race saying it's the most important and biggest race ever! Well I hate to remind people, but the exact same thing was said 4 years ago, and the same thing will be said 4 years from now. When will people learn.

I'm also pretty confused how the election can be 3 weeks away and people are still undecided. I'm not bitching because the few undecideds I know are really taking their time researching each candidate, but how much more information will be released between now and then? All it's going to be is lies, lies, lies to win over the people that say they haven't decided. I'm not saying my choice was clear cut, lets face it, politics is always hazy, no matter what party or who they are, it's always a hazy decision. Has there ever been a candidate in my voting life that I have wanted whole heartedly? No. Only the lesser of two evils, how sad is that really? The people of America are asked to vote for their leader and it's always the lesser of two evils. Arg, enough of that.

Viva La Revolucion!!!!

Someday the people of America will overturn the government and take over Washington again, and the rest of the America will be clapping and rooting them on. But until then, I guess we need to vote, I mean the pitch forks and torches are on a three year back order! What's up with that?

So anyway I had a great weekend, no matter how exhausted and soar I am today, I had a great weekend. There is just something about moving friends into their new homes that is so rewarding to me, I guess that's why I'm always the first to volunteer to help.

Well that's all, time to go for now. :)


  1. I'm still jealous... for all that I accomplished this weekend, I could have come down to help.


    Glad you had a nice "getaway", even if you did work your tail off.

    One of these days we'll both be down there on the same weekend...

    I'm going to start rambling.




  2. all that couch needed was a ladies touch.

    and a grunt,and an turn, and a push, and a turn, and a red skittle get it through that hall.