Thursday, March 6, 2008

Polictical Views

So I've been thinking alot about politics, as is easy to do when the primary has been going on. This isn't really a blog about the candidates political views as we don't really know their views. We know what they tell us, but how often are those their real views? Most of the time it's what they think we want to hear and what the party tells them to say. They are all puppet masters.

So out of all the candidates I was most impressed with Huckabee, now it's not that I think Huckabee would make a great president, but given our choices, what more could I say? Since when is voting for president just choosing the one person that you feel will do the least amount of damage to the country? Why are we not presented with someone who excites us and makes us thrilled to vote? We get who excites the party, and who does that? Puppets.

The republican party was started as a party that believed in small government. What happened to that party? Now all of a sudden the republican party wants government to step into everything. They say they want to protect us, protect us from what? Who's going to protect us from them? They are just as bad as the democrats. They want programs to help so and so but we need 72 new laws to protect us from this or that. Now these 72 laws will allow us to be a part of your daily life, to make sure you don't have to make decisions for yourself, and make sure the few decisions you have left will have to be cleared by 386 committees and be brought to a vote in Congress to be approved or denied.

What is so small about that type of government? I just want someone to run for president that doesn't have millions upon millions of dollars and uses the words "cut government spending" in nearly every sentence. I would like to hear someone say they are going to cut all budgets down the line, no one will be spared. That's what americans want to hear. Privatize these things that the government loses money on, let someone else do it, because the government only knows how to LOSE money, not make it. I'd sell the entire Postal Service on ebay. That would be fun. ; )

So anyway, I didn't vote on Tuesday, I just didn't feel like it was worth my time for a primary. As a registered Republican who am I going to vote for, McCain? nope, couldn't do it. My sides been decided. Hucklebee has been told it wasn't his turn to run for president, turns? They have turns? That's what gets me going.

But anyway I digress away from politics....

I have been pretty down on myself lately. I know people have been trying to build me up but I just seem to be defeated at every turn, how can I bounce back? I keep hearing to hang in can I? How can you hang on to something that's dragging you down? Business will bounce back.....What do I pay the bills with in the mean time? Salami? You're going to make it......Really? Can I take a look at that crystal ball sometime? All you need is to advertise.....really? why didn't I think of that? And how do I pay for said advertising? yeah, no answers from anyone. I hate being so negative because it didn't take long before it started to not just be towards my business but to me too. Suddenly I'm looking into mirrors cursing my body again, cursing my social skills, cursing my knowledge, cursing my choices. By the end of the day I just curse my life in general.

I'm just not any fun to be around anymore. I'm not consolable. I need to find someone who has been there and has some actual advice of how to get out of this, how to get myself back to being myself. I didn't use to talk about money every minute in a conversation. I didn't use to belittle myself and my abilities in every moment. I used to be able to stay focused on the long term and what I had to accomplish to get there. Lately all I've wanted to do is to drop it all and run. Where would I run? I doubt my design skills and my architectural abilities so much lately I don't feel I'm qualified for any position that could be available.

I haven't even written a funny and random blog in so long. My pope personality is funny, but I can't seem to channel him anymore. Oy, what a mess I've made myself.

Lets see, I need some happy things to end this blog with..........
My friend Steph emailed the other day to say she was pregnant!! Woot!
I do have some really great friends. Woot!
My family still loves me. Woot!
I only have to work one job tomorrow. Woot!

O.K. I think that will do.

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